Jon & Kate: He's Off To Paris With 23-year-old GF

jon gosselin girlfriend paris
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Just call him Big Daddy: Jon Gosselin's girlfriend is back in the picture. The 23-year-old daughter of Kate Gosselin's plastic surgeon has resurfaced on the arm of the famous (infamous?) father of eight—and Kate's not happy. Diary Of A 23-Year-Old Mistress

According to Celebitchy, Jon has been bringing Deanna Hummel around the kids. A family insider says Jon refers to Deanna in front of the kids as Daddy's "special friend," and she's been caught prancing around in front of the Gosselin tykes in a bikini. Sounds like this Deanna girl's got a lot going on—she's being referred to as a party girl, teacher and aspiring shoe designer. What chubby reality TV dad from rural Pennsylvania wouldn't be intrigued? Current rumors suggest that Jon and Deanna are even headed to Paris together on a romantic holiday, where they won't impress paparazzi with their worldliness by hitting up the local H&M.

So who's gonna watch the kids? Apparently Kate's been in Hollywood attending meetings for upcoming projects and has been spotted around the Warner Bros. lot, but it sounds like after the two-martini business-lunch tabs are paid, she's having a really rough time with Jon's new romance. It's reported that when she saw pictures of Deanna playing with her kids, she threateneded to make an amendment to their divorce papers that would state Jon can't bring his little chippy around her offspring. And just as we suspected after their Fourth of July weekend together, Kate's still wearing her wedding band...sounds like she's not quite ready for what's to come. Holiday Sparks Between Jon & Kate?

Sadly for her, Jon and Deanna are official: just ask Facebook. Deanna has recently changed her relationship status to In a Relationship. And you know what they're saying: status changes are the new engagement rings... Facebook: Making Infidelity Easier Everyday

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