J-Goss Returns To U.S. Without 'Upset' Girlfriend

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What did Hailey Glassman expect?

Yesterday Us Magazine reported that Hailey is "upset" about all the bad press she's getting. The mugshots, the drug arrests, the lesbian escapade in a bar bathroom...apparently Hailey didn't want us to know. 4 Ways To Avoid The Regrettable Hook-Up

And yet she's not really hiding her sleazy side. Yesterday before she and Jon Gosselin left France, paparazzi caught a shot of Hailey lighting Jon's cigarette with one hanging out of her own mouth. Classy. She was clad in her sixth pair of sunglasses in three days and a barely-there tank top that almost completely hid her cutoff shorts. The pair were spotted in designer boutiques and out to lunch before heading back to the States.

But when Jon landed in New York (wearing the same outfit he'd been wearing a couple days before—leave it to Jon Gosselin to do the world's first-ever transcontinental walk of shame), Hailey was nowhere to be seen. According to reports he deplaned, exchanged 600 Euros and loaded their shopping bags and luggage into a car without Hailey. The Travel Test: Planning Your First Vacation

When reporters asked where Hailey was, Jon shrugged and said she stayed in France. So why is she suddenly ducking out of the limelight? Yesterday her friends came out and said she's only dating Jon "to get famous" (reports claim she tried out for The Real World and other reality shows), but she apparently stayed in her hotel Monday night while Jon went out galavanting. We have yet to see a college photo of her without a drinking straw or another human's flesh stuck to her lips: and suddenly Hailey's embarrassed?

Sources who say they know Hailey's past are insisting we see her true colors. One has stated that after her plastic-surgeon dad did a tummy tuck on Kate Gosselin, Hailey saw a chance to move in on the Gosselin marriage: "I think after realizing she had a connection to Jon through her father and that Jon and Kate's marriage was rocky, she saw an opportunity to get famous."

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So this is fame, Hailey Glassman? Wow. How 'bout we just stay behind the scenes and report.

Scoop via UsMagazine.com. Photo courtesy Bauer-Griffin.