Jon Gosselin Dodges Fiancee Buzz, Returns To Kids

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Yesterday Jon Gosselin returned to Pennsylvania after a whirlwind week in France with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, his...fiancee?

Engagement rumors exploded late yesterday when In Touch reported that Jon had proposed to Hailey in France with a $180K skull-and-crossbones ring surrounded by four black diamonds. ("Will you marry me?" Um, how 'bout no.) The two reportedly popped champagne and celebrated the engagement with their new fashion designer friends. Then Jon went out by himself while Hailey hid from the press in her hotel room, and yesterday Jon returned to New York without her, only to shrug when reporters asked him where she was.

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Regarding the engagement, Jon's low-key. According to Us he's saying there aren't wedding plans, that he is very into Hailey, that they are indeed an item, and that it's nice to be with someone who accepts him the way he is. Us reported late last night that a friend close to the Gosselin family is blasting the engagement rumors, calling them "100 percent false," while the Gosselins' rep is not commenting. When asked to comment on estranged wife Kate Gosselin's stance on the engagement rumors, Jon said, "I guess you'd have to ask Kate."

Upon returning home to the kids (whom Kate watched all week), Jon was reportedly greeted by a stampede of happy children screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" In France he'd told reporters that he'd thought of his brood, like, every 10 minutes (that's all?) and was looking forward to getting home to them. Because they, like Hailey, accept him the way he is. But we, the rest of North America, are growing pretty disgusted with him. Jon Gosselin Re-Joins The Dating World

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