What Really Happens When You Call A Topless Maid Van Service

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topless maid van

There are some strange businesses out there, but there's nothing like turning to expensive cities for the most interesting ones.

The latest trend is Topless Maids (definitely high on the list of sexual fantasies for many), which have vans popping up all over Los Angeles.

So, what services do topless maids offer? 

According to their website, the company says, "one of our lovely ladies will come to your place or business and do a full top-to-bottom clean up job".

Cleaning services aren't the only things they offer. The website also offers private dancers, topless bartenders and poker attendants. You can browse their gallery to pick which woman you want for your appointment.

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Nicole Aimee Schreiber of Thrillist decided to call a topless maid service and find out if they're for real. Schreiber writer made an appointment online for two hours (which is the minimum amount of hours you can book) of service for $170. She then got a topless Ukrainian maid.

"Nikki showed up in T-shirt and jeans with a bag of 'stuff.' She asked for a bathroom to change in and within minutes she emerged in her Topless Maids uniform: bare boobs, black and pink panties, a tiny maid apron with a company logo on it, a garter belt, fishnet tights, and black platform ankle boots," writes Schreiber.

Perfect for cleaning right? Well, these maids don't actually do the "dirty work." Another worker comes in to do light chores and dust. The cleaners could do more, but it would be an extra charge.

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And what does the topless maid do?

"She turned on some tunes, grabbed a hand Swiffer, and started to dance. Before we knew it we were grinding and dusting our way to one of the most Instagram-worthy nights of our lives.

She taught us how to dust and dance at the same time (so much harder than it sounds!), and how to give lap dances and twerk properly (yes, there is a proper way to maximize ass popping)."

Those outfits seem pretty legit, because what kind of maid doesn't have a uniform? Even if it's completely missing the top half. You're probably better off getting an actual cleaning service to get the job done. But if you're looking for some fun, this is the way to go.

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Nicole Weaver is a writer who focuses on news and entertainment as well as relationship topics. 

This article was originally published June 15, 2015 and updated with the latest information.