When Is Easter & What Is The Meaning Of Good Friday

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When Is Easter & What Is The Meaning Of Good Friday
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There are many different traditions that people use to celebrate Easter and Good Friday. Everyone knows Easter is coming when stuffed animals, marshmallow chicks and bunnies and colored egg kits start to appear in the stores.

When is Easter and what's the difference between Good Friday and Easter?

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon the week after the Spring (Vernal) Equinox.

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This year Easter falls on Sunday, April 12th. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, April 10th.

Easter is a Christian holiday, even though everyone loves a good chocolate bunny and a basket.

Christians celebrate these holidays all in their own ways. It depends on their religious background as well as the family traditions that they practice.

Good Friday is a well-known holiday that represents the first day of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

Friday was the day that Jesus Christ was arrested for proclaiming that he was the son of God, as it discusses in the Bible.

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

This has become a day on which Christians honor Christ and his death and resurrection for the world. Christians go to a church service that recalls the story of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

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How does Lent connect with Easter and Good Friday?

Oftentimes, people even show their respect by fasting, refraining from eating food to show their sorrow. Some churches also strip their altars bare and muffle their bells as a sign of mourning.

Easter is the holiday that everyone tends to go all out on regardless of them having religious beliefs or not. Easter, for Christians, is a time to remember Jesus Christ and his sacrifice that was made for us.

It is something that helps them recognize his sacrifice and his love for us as his brothers and sisters and God’s children.

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How did the practice of Easter baskets begin?

But for everyone, it tends to be an excuse to bring up stories of the Easter Bunny and tell kids about how he hops around their houses and backyards and leave little Easter eggs filled with candy and other treats.

It’s different for each family what they decide to do to celebrate. It’s usually an Easter egg hunt to see who can gather the most goodies to celebrate on the day.

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For my family, we used to wake up, as kids, to an Easter egg hunt throughout the house. After we gathered the eggs allotted to each child, we were given the Easter baskets that were prepared for us.

They had more candy and presents in them to celebrate the fun holiday. My parents made it a tradition to give us one of our favorite DVDs that came out that year. We would spend the day watching the movies after we went to church.

We attended Church during the Easter holiday to learn about and focus on recounting the true story about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us and the three days he spent in the tomb before he was resurrected.

We then came home and would all read the story again and make sure that we all knew the details and sacrifice that was given by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are so many different traditions that everyone goes about participating in when Easter comes around.

These celebrations usually involve an Easter Egg Hunt of some sort because people tend to revolve their lives more around material goods than the spiritual meaning behind holidays. It’s a lot like Christmas in that way.

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