INFP Relationships & Best Personality Type Compatibility

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INFP relationships are unique because this Myers-Briggs personality type believes wholeheartedly in true love. The INFP personality type needs someone in their life who is sincere, honest, loyal, and someone that they can be themselves with.

If you are empathetic, see the good in people, extremely loyal, a good listener, and often speak and act from your heart, you’re most likely an INFP personality type.

Relationships can be tough on an INFP's emotions and heart as they care deeply about their partners and often invest too much of themselves, which can lead them to be taken advantage of. 

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Do INFP fall in love easily?

A person with an INFP personality is said to be guided by their core values and beliefs. They are very concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others and are said to be the healer. 

They can easily fall in love.

They like to follow their heart and have empathy for others. Their strong suit is their intuition, prospecting, and feeling.

Unfortunately, this leaves room for them to be manipulated because of how nurturing and caring they are. 

How does an INFP show love?

When it comes to INFP’s feelings, especially in relationships, they can feel reserved or shy to express how they feel inside. Although they are introverted, relationships help them become more in-tune with people's feelings and develop genuine care and concern about others. 

According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, the INFP Myers-Briggs type is idealistic and loyal to those they care about, they can be very understanding in a relationship and want to help their partner be the best they can be.

If you are an INFP personality type or thinking about dating an INFP personality type, here’s how their dating strengths and weaknesses affect their relationships. 

INFP Romantic Relationships

In romantic relationships, INFPs believe in the concept of true love and they will be unhappy if their relationship doesn’t feel like that.

This can be a downfall for INFPs because of their semi-unrealistic dream of true love, which is often rare to find. The unrealistic goal of finding their soulmate makes relationships hard for INFPs because true love doesn’t happen instantly. 

That being said, INFP's need to realize that getting head over heels for someone isn’t good to feel right away, they need time to understand, compromise, and put in the effort with their partner. 

Their emotions can sometimes make relationships a little more difficult because of their ability to blow something out of proportion or overthinking small things and jumping to conclusions. 

Communication is key for these overthinkers and dreamers because they need to be on the same page as their partner and need to make sure their partner sees them for how they are. 

If communication is out of the question in the relationship and INFP’s are passive-aggressive, not saying how they truly feel, and not addressing conflict then relationships can get messy. Their partner needs to help encourage them to express how they truly feel because if so, then they will learn to continue to do that and work harder for their partner. 

INFP’s need to use their communication skills in relationships, and if so then they’ll stay true to themselves and often inspire their partner to do the same. These healers can know what it means to be loved and find true love through their use of their hearts as well as their minds in relationships. 

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Who should an INFP marry?


ENFJ personality types are said to be INFP’s natural partners because they need a partner with their opposite dominant function.

The giver is the personality of the ENFJ person who understands people as well but also brings out the best in people. INFP personalities need that because they also strive to do the same and need mutual respect and understanding. They also both share the needs of having a partner who is loyal and who they can trust. 


The two of these personalities have a lot in common and are a good match romantically and emotionally. They are both sensitive, empaths, authentic, loyal, have a common value of alone time, desire for harmony, and more. INFJ can help INFP when they need a little pushing and real talk.

It can sometimes be hard to compromise between the two because they both need constant communication to work together. However, if that doesn’t become a problem they will fit very well together.


ESFJ personality types are also another option for INFP personalities because although they are also extroverts, they have a different perspective on seeing the world, which INFPs could understand.

This relationship truly deals with opposites attract as ESFJ will have a very different approach to dealing with the world and they will be structured and decisive as well as outgoing. Putting differences aside, the two share a common belief in life values and what’s important.


The relationship between an ENFP personality and an INFP has great potential for finding a soulmate, (which the two strive for). They both share ideas about life and can address conflict easier with each other. Each of you approaches problems and questions with your empathy and compassion. The two of you share intellectual curiosity and interest in learning new things and compromise will be key in your relationship. 

There are lots of other pairings, however, it seems INFP personalities will thrive with these pairings in romantic relationships.

However, that’s not all. Here’s how INFPs tend to be in their other relationships in life. 

INFP Friendships

INFPs are the best of friends because they care about you unconditionally. Even casual acquaintances they will care about and respect.

They feel most comfortable in small friend groups because even though they care for almost everyone, they like a close-knit strong relationship with a group of friends.

If an INFP shares with you their dreams and ideas, then you know that they trust you and you mean a lot to them.

As much as they love their friends, they need their alone time to reconnect with themselves for a while. It’s nothing because of what their friend might have said or done, that’s just how INFPs are. 

INFPs as Parents

INFPs are the most caring, loving, and supportive parents. They want to give their children the freedom to grow and have their thoughts and beliefs.

However, core beliefs that INFP parents believe their children should have, like them, are honesty, compassion, and empathy for others.

A problem they might have as parents is bottling up their anger and emotions around their children and if their children don’t do as they are told, it can reflect on the INFP parent as something that they failed at.

Their creative energy is essential to helping their kids grow and blossom. 

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