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25 years +


Edgecliff NSW 2027 - Australia


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Author, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Wellness Coach

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Everyone can choose to grow.

About Amanda Gordon

I'm a Clinical and Health Psychologist, working mainly in the area of relationships for the past 30 years. I have worked with hundreds (possibly thousands) of couples and families over the years, and take pride in the number of referrals I receive from people who have come to me for help and felt ready to refer their friends.

One of 5 children myself, I grew up in a household in which family and community, fairness and social justice, were of prime importance. I learned early in life to care for others, to have an open heart and home, to learn from everyone with whom I come in contact, to share the joy and support others when they need support. It is no wonder that I have been a psychologist for all these years. Education has been highly valued, so going to university and developing the skills to do good, and behaving professionally and ethically, was a given. I have continued to learn and grow in my profession over the years, and now love giving back to others through teaching and speaking opportunities.

In my practice, located now in Sydney's beautiful Eastern Suburbs but easily accessible to all, I have trained and supported many excellent therapists, some of whom remain as part of Armchair Psychology Practice, some of whom are now working independently and are part of a strong network. As Past President of the Australian Psychological Society, I of course know and are known by many other psychologists in Australia and internationally, and I cherish the wonderful colleagues who have contributed to my practice, and indeed my life.

I have continued to practice throughout the years, as I had my own children and now grandchildren. As one would expect, my interests have changed as my life has moved on. For instance, as a young parent I ran many parenting classes as well as supporting women and men being challenged with fertility issues. That has actually remained an important focus of my life, though now I also find myself supporting grandparents who are primary caregivers, as well as families in all their developmental stages. Marital stress, separation and divorce, have always been prime focuses of my work. I love, though, assisting couples with children find a way through the mess of their lives to regenerate love and joy, affection and caring, respectful behaviours, so as to do the very best by their children - and then to discover that it was worth it for themselves, as well. In addition, all psychologists have to talk about loss and grief, to help people through the hardest of times, to come through the tunnel and find a way of living without a loved one. I find this bereavement work, although challenging and at times heartbreaking, profoundly moving and an important part of my contribution to people's wellbeing.

Just as I have continued to run my practice throughout all the stages of my family life, I have continued to be involved in social justice issues - and feel real pride in some of the outcomes of this involvement. For instance, I founded a bursary for indigenous Psychology students, through the APS; have been involved in Reconciliation and the establishment of the Australian Indigenous Psychology Association; have worked for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees and tried to facilitate social cohesion locally and through my professional ties. I have a bit of a name in the Australian media, and when I want to comment on an issue I usually have a voice to do so.

Life as a psychologist in private practice is very rewarding for me as I continue to work with individuals, couples and families to make a real difference in their lives. To get in touch with me, click here.