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You can heal and grow through past and present hurts and challenges – to reshape your life and discover WHAT ELSE is possible for you...

About Annie O'Grady

I’m a transformational coach, author and master trainer of coaches, and I love to help women struggling with stress, anxiety, pain or trauma to feel better quickly.  

These uncomfortable states of being put a great strain on all your relationships— on how you feel about yourself, so how you act around others, at home or at work or in your friendship network.

My passion is to help relieve suffering and limitation as fast as possible, and so to open up new dimensions of possibility for everyone.  I work with people holistically.  For the last 10 years of my 30-year career as a complementary therapist,  I’ve specialised in  the natural therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT tapping).  I find it an amazing help for just about everyone and for most problems.

I’m the author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is a far-reaching stress relief method of acupressure-and-mindfulness. You can easily learn to use tapping for yourself , to banish everyday problems such as worries, uncomfortable feelings, headaches, starting after one session. It’s simple to do, gentle, its results are typically lasting, and it often works quickly. More serious problems need the expertise, care and experience of certified EFT practitioners.

I come from a wide background in natural therapies and psychospiritual therapies.

I was so excited to discover the next generation of healing techniques -- energy therapy or energy medicine, also called energy psychology.  EFT tapping is a leader in this field. Although tapping on yourself initially seems a strange thing to do, the method  is validated by more than 100 scientific studies , and formally accepted as an ‘evidence-based’ therapy.

After my first experience with tapping away a trauma of my own from early childhood, I was hooked. I dived right in and learned a lot and changed my practice to specialise in this gentle technique and its radically effective methods. I especially appreciate how tapping techniques can heal trauma safely and gently, often within one session.

Its methods enable me to facilitate change with deep-seated problems in a huge variety of personal challenges and even some physical ailments -- whose common factor is stress.

Over the years I’ve held private sessions, workshops and Retreats where thousands of people  have made life-changing mental, emotional and spiritual shifts – in my clinical premises, university rooms, halls, church spaces, outback sheds, even festival tents.

I am privileged also to work with people around the world, thanks to the Internet and Skype.

Here are some comments from women who have changed their lives through tapping:

Margaret:  ‘I now believe my back pain was connected to my sister.  I feel that I’ve released the guilt and healing is taking over.’

Adrienne:  ‘Tapping is amazing in its ability to make visible change, and you are the master!  I now have my own business.’

Virginia:  ‘Tapping with you is having a profound effect on my life.  After just these few sessions I have noticed unhealthy patterns of behaviour ending.

You’re invited to browse my website, www.EFTemotionalhealing.com