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Don’t ruin beginnings by worrying about endings.

About Brenda Shapiro

I am a Family Lawyer. I litigate family cases in Miami, Florida. I once thought that meant I helped people get divorced. It doesn’t. It means that I help clients accept change in their family life whether through dissolution of their marriage, adoption, or shared personal partnerships. I practice Collaborative Family Law which is unique and I believe the most sensible legal way to resolve family disputes. When I litigate, which I still do, it is my task to convince a stranger in a black robe who probably knows me but doesn’t know my clients, when they can see their children and how much of what is theirs they have to give away. When I take a Collaborative case, I work with a mental health professional, a financial expert and another lawyer to help couples decide when they see their children and how much of what they have they will keep.

    I once was the director of a statewide community relations agency. It was my task then to build coalitions with groups of different people, racially, ethnically and culturally different. I worked in community relations for ten years when, at the age of forty-nine, the single mother of three college age boymen, I decided it was my turn to realize my dream and began law school. I graduated at fifty-two and became a commercial litigator. After two years of shifting paper from one side of my desk to the other, and thereby shifting someone’s bottom line, I answered a call from a family law firm which needed a litigator. I knew very little family law and  was assured that because it is statute driven, I could learn it quickly. I did. So quickly that two years later, I started my own firm and have been helping people change their lives ever since. After eighteen years of effort, Collaborative Law is now part of the Florida Family Statute and the practice of law is even more rewarding.

    I spent forty-one years with the love of my life, twenty of them as his wife. Two of my sons have produced six children. All my grandchildren are in college or have graduated and are at the beginning of their career lives. I share with them my personal mantra, “Don’t ruin beginnings by worrying about endings”. Every day is a new beginning, and greeting it head first helps assure a good end.