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Excellence is doing your best even if you don't feel like it.

About Raymond Perras

Raymond Perras is the author of the Peak Performance™ Coaching Program, a compendium of personal and team development, coaching and training tools. The program is designed to help clients raise their awareness and skills in getting the best out of themselves and those around them.  His unique AïM ProgramTM for peak performance coaching proves to be very effective in developing life mastery. He is the author of two bestselling books: AïM for Life Mastery which provides a blueprint for mastery in personal excellence. And a leadership development book, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership, which provides a leader with key insights on how to develop and foster a work environment that enables and promotes peak performance.

His study is focused on the workings of the human brain, personal development, change and the ability of both individuals and teams to take control of their situation and design a positive and effective approach to personal and organizational transformation.

He brings first hand knowledge and extensive experience and expertise to the effort we all pursue, that of adapting to our changing environment in our journey to peak performance. As a business coach and personal development coach, he has developed a wide and varied perspective on organizational and personal transformation and optimization of resources. Working with sectors such as hospitals, the Ontario secondary and university education systems, computer software, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, government agencies and sports teams, his insight and goal-oriented approach has helped countless individuals and teams to reach beyond their expectations and aspirations.

For more than twenty years, Raymond has integrated his knowledge of the work place and the continuous improvement approach to his extensive experience in the field of sports. This has resulted in the design and development of a unique program to implement teamwork in business as well as for sports teams. Coupling communication skills with the principles of empowerment and the power of total focus has led to a proven method and strategy. Individuals and groups of people, particularly those who have the responsibility to manage and lead the effort, are guided to create the work environment that enables people to align together to reach personal and organizational goals on a sustained basis.

As a certified professional coach (CPC), a certified professional instructor/facilitator (CIF), a certified life coach (CLC), and a certified NLP practitioner, Raymond provides a full spectrum of coaching services along with training expertise that allow the integration of continuous learning with the re-engineering of work flows and business structures.  His main focus is to help the team find its abilities and use them effectively to produce maximum results while creating a productive and fun environment.  He believes that just as planning, finance, product development, marketing or any other corporate function require focused attention, the team process will only flourish where it is learned, applied, evaluated, rewarded and sustained by all management levels as a critical success factor for maximum performance in our modern day organizations.

Through his facilitation, consulting and coaching experiences, Raymond has acted as a leader and partner to help clients focus on the gains brought about by self-transformation.

Raymond Perras is fluently bilingual and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (arts and science) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Ottawa. He has participated in many personal development workshops on culture change, managing excellence, team building, interpersonal skills, effective communications, problem and decision analysis, negotiating skills, stress management, planning and dealing with difficult people.  In order to better exercise his leadership in project management and personal development, he has obtained certification as Agile Scrum Master and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner.