Aging & Geriatric Issues

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10 years +


Longmont CO 80503 - United States


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Author, Consultant, Speaker/Presenter, Trainer, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

By uplifting individuals, individual families, and individual businesses with healthier, more productive experiences within home and work spaces, the positive effects ripple out into our home, Earth, uplifting us all.

About Deborah Rae

I am a holistic designer. I work with people in all stages of life and career to enhance their lives by more effectively tapping into what is already around them.

In the 1990s a major illness kept me housebound. I was miserable. Desperate for ways to at least cope better, I studied the rapidly expanding research I was introduced to in graduate school – how our indoor spaces affect us. What I learned integrated beautifully with my former career and other love – educational psychology and program development to facilitate learning and positive change. That was many years and many clients ago. Sharing what I have learned has been my passion ever since.

I am the owner of the award winning color and holistic design company, Innergized Design LLC based in Boulder County, Colorado. The name was chosen to reflect the ongoing interactions between our jnner experiences (memories. emotions, goals, sensory preferences, etc.) and our shared home, the physical world around us.  After twenty years of practice, I am now focusing on reaching more people through teaching and writing. My book, A Holistic Sense of Home, with “innergized’’ principles and practical tips is available Fall 2018.