Health Coach

Years in Practice

10 years +


Highlands NJ 07732 - United States



Additional Expertise

Author, Health Coach, Wellness Coach

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire

I Believe

I offer support to others sharing from my own journey and from my experience as a psychotherapist and healer over the past 2 decades and now as a wellness coach, aromatherapist and intuitive.

About DeeAnna Nagel

The short version… I am a former psychotherapist turned aromatherapist and wellness coach. As a psychotherapist I practiced online counseling and was a thought-leader in the field of telemental heatlh for 15 years. Over the past several years my focus has shifted from traditional psychotherapeutic interventions to complementary modalities including Reiki, Wellness Coaching, Distant Healing and Aromatherapy. This experience has been a “coming home” in many ways. I have always been interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness, and have now come full circle to a time before my formal mental health training.

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