Attachment Issues

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Stratford CT 06615 - United States


EFT, MA, Other, PhD

Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Hypnotherapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

If you want to live an abundant and fulfilled life, drink deeply from the cup of love, for its nectar holds the secret of extraordinary joy!

About Dianne Frost

My journey to finding extraordinary love began in my childhood. When I was just a wee girl, my mother recorded in her journal, "Dianne is so curious about life and human behavior. She very well may grow up to be a psychologist." I found my mother's journal after she passed on, astounded at how well she knew me when I read her entry, for I had just completed a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling.  From a young age, I had known that people had the capacity for immense love and joy, yet I also observed the tangled messes and pain people too often endured. I observed the dichotomy in others and experienced it first hand, which deepened my passion for finding answers to life's most important quest, the quest for love and joy!

Like many of us, I learned love's lessons by trial and error. In a prior marriage, I experienced many bright moments of love, and our wonderful daughter was the precious gift from that marriage. I also learned how tricky "projection" (seeing in others what we cannot see in ourselves) can be, and how subconsciously we often attract a "perfect" mate for working on unfinished business with our parents. It's only human to slip into the tangled messes of relationship pain. The challenge is to become conscious enough to find a better way, to follow the path of real love and baptize ourselves in the joy of an extraordinary relationship.

So I immersed myself in the challenge. I began my doctoral studies in Depth Psychology, following in the footsteps of Carl Jung and contemporary transformative leaders, learning to dive deep for hidden wisdom and to transcend limitations with illuminated awareness. While completing my doctorate, I simultaneously trained as a Gottman Educator to teach couples how to have successful relationships.  In addition, I earned certifications as a Hypnotherapist, Integrative Coach, and Dream Tending Specialist. As an alchemist transforms base metal into gold, my highly engaging studies transformed my heart and mind, preparing me for the sacred work ahead.

You are this sacred work, and I am honored and blessed to help you along your path to immense love and joy! I have dedicated my life to consciousness and love, and I know what it takes for you to find it too! In my love and relationship work with singles and couples, I bring experience, intuition, vast scientific tools, and my continued pursuit of the latest and best knowledge in the field of love and consciousness.  I will be happy to guide you as an individual client and/or in one of my retreats or online programs.  To find out more about my work click here.



Dianne Frost Success Stories

Shift Happens


“There’s something special about her.  Dr. Dianne Frost is not only a beautiful person, she is also a magician who sprinkles magic in every direction as she sifts through your story to connect the dots and make it clear for YOU why, what and how. Her very welcoming, warm voice and her wisdom backed up with undisputed professionalism instantly brings down all the shields of emotional defense and creates a safe loving space where you can’t help but create the internal shift under her gentle guidance.  More importantly this shift internalizes almost instantly. I feel such enormous relief and liberation in my self image and self perception that my friends who have known me for years notice a completely new wave of vital energy around.  And that is only after 4 sessions?! I can’t wait to see what is coming next!  To have Dr. Dianne Frost in my life is a true blessing.”more

Zhanna S


Workshop Breakthrough


“Dianne facilitated a workshop earlier this summer that I participated in. One of the exercises she led us through was so powerful that I had a major breakdown, which turned right into a major breakthrough. I have experienced many personal development workshops, not to mention various therapists, and never have I had such an experience that I had in her workshop. I was able to release pain that I held in for over 40 years and my soul finally felt free.  I also found Dianne very approachable and I felt that she genuinely cared about me. And after all, isn’t that all we all want, to know we matter?”more

Debi G