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No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. —Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, born 544 BC

About Gayle Nobel

Gayle Nobel is an author, transformative life coach, parent mentor, blogger, and inspirational speaker.

Gayle has a BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from Arizona State University.  She received life coach training through the International Coach Academy and Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy.

Gayle is the mother of a 34 year old young man with severe autism as well as the sister of a 58 year old man with same.

After homeschooling her son until he was 17, she realized she had a lot to share with the world about living with challenges and what many would call adversity.

Since then, Gayle has written 3 inspirational books on living with autism or any life challenge.  She shares insights and wisdom through personal stories. Her latest book, Space of Love (2018) delves deeply into the principles beneath the human experience.

Gayle is passionate about helping parents, caregivers, and professionals who are connected to people with special needs, particularly autism.

Her experience in living intimately with autism has taught her so much about getting through life's sticky, tricky situations and about unconditional love that she is also able to help and support people living with challenging situations, in transition, or wanting to create something new in their lives.

Gayle’s coaching is a catalyst for helping people reconnect with their innate inner wisdom leading to clarity and feelings of peace. Clients begin to see new solutions, possibilities, or perspectives. The difficult may suddenly appear simple or obvious.

In summary, Gayle helps clients get more out of themselves than they could get on their own.

Through her blogs, books, group presentations, and private coaching sessions Gayle has made a difference in the lives of many.

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