Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

10 years +


Houston TX 77007 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

"There is a spiritual solution to every problem" Wayne Dyer

About Hanane Ouazzani

Hanane is an advanced Channel, Psychic, Life Coach, and Certified Reiki Healer. Her talents include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Channelling, Telepathy, Remote Viewing and Astral projection. Channelling is the clearest, most direct form of communication with any consciousness or entity that is not physical in nature. Hanane Specializes in two types of Channelling:

* Conscious Interactive Channeling, where she is consciously telepathically interacting with the entity and engaging in a telepathic conversation. She asks the questions and Channels the answers from the entity.

* Unconscious Channeling, which can also be described as a “walk in”. This is where she steps aside and goes into an altered state to allow the entity to speak though her. This is why this process is often described as a walk in, because that is precisely what happens. The Channel steps aside, and the entity “walks in” to speak through her.

It is important to note that Hanane considers Channeling a sacred practice and never treats it with irreverence or takes it for granted. There are important principles of engagement which must be respected when channeling. Permission, positive intent, respect as well as collaboration for the highest good of all involved are just a few of these principles. In addition to Channelling, Hanane is also a master of Telepathic communication and navigation of Astral space, which gives her the ability to remotely view scenes, places and people, as well as tap into their energy fields, feelings, thoughts, and intentions (ALWAYS with permission from their higher selves and guides).

Hanane offers clear honest readings in the following:

* Love - relationships
* Marriage - Family
* Career - Abundance
* Ascension - Activation - Life purpose
* Self awareness - Self mastery
* Spiritual and Psychic Development
* Meet your spirit guides
* Dream interpretation
* Aura cleansing
* Clearing energetic blockages
* Energy healing
* Manifesting abundance
* Law of Attraction - Law of Creation
* Release fears
* Release stress
* Overcome bad habits

***Please note legal and medical readings are not offered.

Hanane is utterly committed to her soul mission which is to activate the divine seed of remembrance within you, light the way for you and guide you on the path you are meant to be on. She has been in communication with the other side of the veil since she was a small child, and has always felt as though she is living in both worlds simultaneously. She made a solemn promise to our Celestial family, that she would use her gifts in the service of God, to hold the torch of truth high and do so with the utmost integrity and honor. A reading with Hanane will leave you differently than you came, her words of guidance will give you clarity, strength, healing and even activate your own intuitive powers if you are open to it. Join the countless seekers she has helped transform over the years of her practice, and see for yourself what it will do for you.

Hanane’s message for you
"I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life and create the reality they dream of, yet they may not know how to access the information they need in order to do so. I have been assisting thousand of clients world wide with my ability to tap into their energy systems, and touch on important details from past, present and future events. I rely on direct telepathic concat with spirit guides and other benevolent beings of light to provide my clients with specific and useful information in order to make impactful life changes and carve out a clear path in alignment with their life purpose and spiritual evolvement. My purpose is to spread light, truth and activate the ascension seed within you and show you the way. I want to teach you how to tune in, trust your inner knowing/spirit and help you awaken to your own divine purpose. I am here to remind you of who you are: a very loved divine sovereign being who is here on earth for a great purpose!”

* Favorite quotes:

“There is a spiritual solution for every problem” Wayne Dyer

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power” Lao Tzu

“Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing yourself is enlightenment” Lao Tzu

“Music in the soul is heard by the universe” Lao Tzu


Please note I work by appointment only. Email is the fastest way to reach me hana@stellargrace.com
*I do not respond to text message inquiries*
*I do not offer refunds*
*Appointments are confirmed once payment is received*

* Telepathic readings:
A telepathic reading or interactive channeling is different from a traditional psychic reading. In these sessions I allow your guides to connect wth me telepathically to deliver messages, guidance and answers to your questions. The best way to describe this process is to think of me as a live messenger for both you and your guides. From my experience our loving guides already know you are making contact with me before you do, in most cases you are being synchronistically guided towards a certain Channel or Psychic for a good reason. Come with an open mind, because when we channel there are always surprises, and sometimes we are visited by an Ascended Master or a well known personality in the spirit. (See my videos on Archangel Daniel and Wayne Dyer)

* Aura Cleansing:
Our Aura is our energy field which can be seen with the naked eye with practice. Our energy field interacts constantly with the energy of other people and even places, which can often lead to absorbing unwanted energies, causing us to feel drained or even depressed. During this special service I hep my clients isolate the unwanted energy, identify unprocessed feelings, and negative thought forms which act as blockages. I then clear their Auric field by channeling universal life force energy known (CHI), and pure light with the help of the spirit guides. The relief is instantaneous and the best part is once you are infused with these beautiful energies, they will continue to work for days after the cleaning is performed.

* Live Channeling:
Unlike the telepathic reading where I act as a messenger between you and the entity while remaining present, in a live channeling session I step aside completely and allow the entity to speak through me. I become the vessel or vehicle for their energy and voice. This session is ideal if you wish to meet your guides, get to know their names, descriptions, personalities, their purpose in your life and the way they connect with you. You can directly interact with them and ask questions while I channel them. Experience this miracle of conscious connection for yourself, ad expect to be surprised here also as unexpected benovelona beings are eager to make contact with you if you are open to it. It also important to keep in mind that permission from you and from the channel is required for this process as these benevolent beings of light never trespass or impose their presence in our space. “Of the light” is the key phrase here, as I don’t allow or connect with anything that is not benevolent.

* Group Channelling Sessions:
Once a month I hold a group channelling session in my home, where my guests get to experience this gift of connection with the higher realms in real time. These sessions are free of charge as I believe the messages are meant for all. Again there are always surprises when we make conscious contact with the other side of the veil so if you are attending, prepare to be amazed! The most recent group channeling I have done was of a Pleiadian group and the recordings are available upon request. Others I channel are the Collective which is a group of powerful beings, Angels, archangels and Master Guides. The other one I channel frequently is the Galactic Collective, a group of non-terrestrial beings helping humanity during this crucial time on earth and I am only one of many channel they are collaborating with. Archangel Daniel, Wayne Dyer, Socrates, are among others I channel. For those who do live in the same city as me you are welcome to join over the phone or via Skype.

* Reiki Healing:
Energy healing is as ancient as man kind and is quickly becoming the medicine of the future. As we further our understanding of the energy body, we are discovering and relearning the wisdom and great efficacy of ancient healing practices. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and realignment of the Chakras. It is administered by “laying on hands” and channeling life force energy (Chi/Prana) into the recipient. Reiki healing may also be performed remotely and just as effectively. Reiki can help you return to your balanced grounded peaceful self. With this service, clients are able to align their mind, body and spirit in harmony. I work with all my clients on a deep, intuitive level to understand exactly what they need from this service and where the healing energy needs to be directed. The results are simply amazing.

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