Years in Practice

25 years +


Wolfeboro NH 03894-1805 - United States



Additional Expertise

Teacher, Wellness Coach



I Believe

As we embrace joy, we empower ourselves to unleash our true self-worth and passion, in turn inspiring others. As we honor our humanness and our emotions, we learn to love and appreciate all of who we are. Then we become true beacons of light in this world.

About Helen Fernald

I’m Helen Fernald, M.A., Your Joy Guru, and I guide people to find more joy in their lives by tuning into their inner voice and opening their spirits to new opportunities that usher in a deep sense of confidence and peace. With forty years of teaching experience, beginning on the faculty of the University of New Hampshire, I understand the importance of learning to focus on the heart’s desires in order to create a meaningful and enjoyable life.

I believe that joy is found in the small acts of kindness we share with others, in moments of silence in nature or meditation, in taking a deep breath or reading an inspirational quote. In the hectic, stressful world of 2019, the pursuit of happiness shouldn’t be a time-consuming activity. Rather, joy can be amplified through simple, fun and short practices that I offer weekly on YourTango as well as my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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