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Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor

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Where Love is concerned, all things are possible...

About Leah Cochrane

As a Relationship Coach & licensed Marriage Therapist, I coach committed same-sex couples having difficulty achieving or maintaining the deep intimacy, trust and satisfaction they want in their relationship.  They may be struggling with conflict or withdrawing from one another, even though they love each other and want their relationship to work.

These couples hire me to help them re-ignite their passion, restore their intimacy and trust, and help them reconnect to the feelings they’re missing—because most couples find they just can't do this on their own. So, I help them to rediscover the reasons they fell in love with each other in the first place, and learn the skills needed to make love last.

Bottom line, I help couples to stop settling for crumbs, and instead dive into the big, sumptuous cake that two lives in love can truly be.  

I came to this work when, after obtaining a Master’s in Health Psychology from the University of California, I decided I’d rather be helping people than studying them.  So, I finished a second Master’s in Counseling and Rehabilitation from San Francisco State.  During that shift in purpose, I had two life-altering experiences that led me to my current path and gave me a true Purpose in my work.

The first life-altering experience was a seven-year relationship, the most painful one I’d ever had, bar none.  She and I fell in love fast, and promptly made every relationship mistake in the book.  We had unspoken expectations.  We made assumptions, were judgmental and critical. We fought over everything. Scores were kept, resentments flourished. 

Trust became a flattened smear of broken promises.  We had found the alchemy of toxicity instead of one of love.  Today, I know it was because we did not know how to do it in a different way. Not surprisingly, our relationship died as painfully as it had lived.

 The second life-altering experience occurred afterward, during the painful road to recovery from the damage the relationship had done. I found grace, just enough to allow me to realize my train wreck of a relationship was actually a precious gift, an opportunity to do the hard work on myself that I had needed to do.  Because I did that work, I was 100% ready for the moment when my real true love walked into my life. 

That was nearly 23 years ago.  We are as happy and committed today as we have ever been.  I am certain that our success arises not only from the love we hold for each other, but also from the tools and mindsets we have embraced to keep our relationship strong and vibrant.

It was these life-altering experiences, the tools and mindsets acquired over the years, that I wove into the excellent education and clinical training I’d gotten in Marriage Therapy and then in Relationship Coach training.

I’ve been licensed as a California MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist) for 15+ years, since 2003.  I’ve worked extensively with couples in the LGBTQ community, being a Queer woman myself, but have always worked successfully with my Hetero ally couples, as well.

Years into my practice, I became ever more convinced that while therapy was vital for those who needed it, many couples were not in need of treatment per se, but rather were in need of coaching to fill in the gaps where they lacked skills, to improve their understanding of each other's needs, and to provide guidance where they were uncertain of their path.

So I began learning about coaching—and became a coaching client myself just to see what coaching could do. I found the Relationship Coaching Institute in 2015, and its excellent training program, as an adjunct to my work as a therapist.

What I found was I could still help those in California who need a Marital Therapist.  But as a Relationship Coach with my unique background--and that hard-won wisdom, I mentioned earlier—I found I could help couples and singles from anywhere in the world create a better relationship for themselves.

I watched with a grateful heart as couples who decided to work with me began to grow, change and reach for the kind of joyous relationship they truly desired: one where they could adore and be adored; be known and accepted for exactly who they were; and a relationship in which they could live every day in the certainty that they were each other’s Number One.  That’s why I do this work.

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