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10 years +


New York NY 10003 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach

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I Believe

Wherever you are is the perfect place to begin. And, then we venture on together.

About Linda Turner

As an Art Psychotherapist with 20 years’ experience, and a private practice in Union Square, NYC, I work with a wide range of adults, and some teens, using creative approaches on a variety of life’s issues and challenges. We might explore your relationship to yourself and how that impacts your relationships with others especially romantic ones. We may explore career related issues or creative blocks, we may work on anxiety, depression and/or trauma. And we will explore them together.

As for how we would work, we’d dive in creatively, including through art, which can open us up in ways that simply talking does not. In creating (whether in our imagination or on paper), we can tell a story all at once, see the whole picture and reflect on all, in an entirely new way. We can also bypass story completely, and move right to the heart of the matter, when words alone won't do. The process of creating and being with our creations, can impact both our unconscious and conscious, and changes in our life can occur.

Additionally, I see each of us as a whole individual, and at the same time, made up of many parts. For example, we may have a creative part, resistant part, dark part, fun part, exhausted part, as well as a teenager and/or kid part (no matter what our chronological age).  And sometimes one or several parts gets in the way of taking action or moving forward; it may have us argue with, stay with or run away from others in ways that don't serve us; it might have us sabotage potentially good things in our life. 

In learning to recognize, connect with and have compassion for these parts, in learning to listen to them and understand their motivations, we can access what's been in our way and begin to listen to parts that serve us. To do all of this, we use art, somatic/body awareness and/or verbal exploration.

And with all of the above, what I believe most is that everyone is different and that the actual work we do will depend on your unique self, and that ultimately we will get to know you, and to work in a way that makes a difference for your particular life.

Linda Turner Success Stories

Trusted this Work with My Life!

Women dealing with stress

“During JumpStart! I trusted Jane and Linda with my life for a day and they helped me to learn how to change my thoughts for a lifetime!  They really know what they’re doing! Before the workshop I was just coasting along.  I was unaware of what and why I was not feeling any sense of balance, and often dealing with a sense of impending doom,  no way to live. Since the workshop I have transformed my life in just about every facet.  I have chosen to stop the self-sabotaging ways that were keeping me from succeeding.  I am now traveling like I never imagined, making more money without working harder, taking better care of myself than I have in years, and finally, I have stop trying to take care of the whole world.  I can’t say enough about how transforming this workshop has been for me.more

Brenda, Reflexologist, 55

Lost Inspiration & Was Able to Re-activate It!


JumpStart! was a very effective tool for re-activating whatever I needed to get activated!  For a long time prior to doing JumpStart! I felt dried up. My voices, (inspiration) had stopped “talking” to me. After our one day workshop I felt fluid again, creative “juicy”. I started writing a novel, that I had wanted to write for a very long time and never did! Both Jane, and Linda are fabulous. They provide all the stimulus and nurturing I needed to get re-started!more

J Bailey, 60

Braving New Relationships

Women seeking a relationship

Participating in the LoveShop opened my eyes to the reality of my choices and their effect on my love life. I am better equipped to brave new relationships.  I am able to access my own strength and power. Linda and Jane really know what they are talking about! more

S.B., Attorney, 39