Years in Practice

10 years +


Toronto ON M9B 4B0 - Canada


ACC, BA, CDC, Other

Additional Expertise

Career Coach, Career Counselor, Confidence Coach, Leadership Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

You have the resources and capability to do whatever you set your mind to do. Believe in yourself. Find who you have not yet become.

About Lisa Petsinis

Create a life you love!

Join other women who are putting themselves first, connecting to what matters, and living a purpose-driven life, faster and with greater ease -- all without chaos or guilt.

Lisa is a certified coach who works with strong and resourceful women who are trying to do it all and have lost themselves in the mix. She is a guide on their journey to stepping into their own power and she helps them unveil what they want and become who they are capable of becoming.

In 2016, Lisa had had her own turning point and left a 23-year career in HR leadership before discovering what she was meant to do. Since then, she has offered individual life coaching and holistic career coaching services, as well as workshops on a variety of topics.

Lisa is on a mission to reduce overwhelm and create more confidence, hope, joy, and success. She believes that every day is a chance to begin again, and if you have faith in yourself and have a clear vision for your future, you can accomplish anything.

She is here to help you work through the overwhelm and get focused on your goals and dreams again.

Read more about Lisa's story in the book 365 Empowering Stories, available in my store and on Amazon.

What Lisa brings to her coaching:

  • Results. By asking you the right questions at the right time, and working with you to visualize and crystalize your outcomes, you'll get better results sooner.
  • Credentials. Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, Certified Human Resources Leader and Certified Career Development Coaching Specialist. Lisa is also a certified MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type I and II), Strong Interest Inventory® practitioner and qualified to use The Awaken Your Heart Magnet program.
  • Credibility. Her work has been featured in MSN, Prevention, POPSUGAR, TheMindsJournal, and other publications - in addition to YourTango.
  • Experience.  She has coached and counselled individuals at all levels and in all walks of life in my work as a Life Coach, Career Coach, Corporate Outplacement Counselor, Human Resources Leader and Consultant. She brings her own rich life experience.  She's done it and you can, too!
  • Coaching framework.  You are whole, capable, and resourceful.  Lisa holds the space for you to design what you want, how you want.  As a certified member of the International Coach Federation, she complies with its Code of Ethics, striving to live the competencies every day, with every client.
  • Thoughtfulness, insight, empathy, and care. That's what sets Lisa apart from the rest.
  • Hope and trust.  In the process and you. 

Why Take Action Now

Contact Lisa for a complimentary discovery call, check out the free resources on her website, or subscribe to her newsletter to and turn your life around, starting today.  Life's too short.  Live your best life now. 

Lisa Petsinis Success Stories

Find Your Purpose

Looking for a life coach that will listen to you with compassion and guide you to live your life purpose? You are at the right place. Lisa is caring and has a keen eye for your own unique qualities. When I decided to work with Lisa, I was in middle age. Having raised three kids to their teenage years and worked in a corporate environment for my whole working life, I was experiencing confusion in my life purpose and feeling lost. Lisa had a framework for me to follow to re-discover myself. Her guidance and advice were trickles of wisdom that un-stuck me many times in the process and created clarity. I look at the vision board that I created with Lisa often. It’s like a beacon for my life and helps me stay centred and happy! Try it for yourself if you also want to live with a purpose!

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