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6-10 years


Marietta GA 30064 - United States



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All areas, please inquire



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About Maria Comsudes

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Maria Comsudes Success Stories

Absolutely Transformational

Women dealing with stress

My experience with Maria Comsudes using various healing modalities she masters has been absolutely transformational. She has a balance of technical psychological knowledge and many Spritual mastery tools. Her latest technique, the Divine Connection Meditation instantly manifested tangible results. I noticed an increased clarity of mind and my senses became enhanced. This enabled me to acheive the peaceful space I needed as a base for my daily life.more

Sonya, Georgia

My Worries Fall Away

Women dealing with stress

"I love Maria! Working with her is so freeing, so expansive, and so gentle yet powerful. She guides me into places of my being that I've either hidden or ignored, and opens that part of me up to the light and love of my True Self. My worries fall away; my hurts diminish or evaporate; my certainty in who I am and what I am capable of becomes clear. Our talks are natural; our time in guidance and meditation are blissful. I highly recommend this angel on earth, Maria Comsudes, for your continued growth and clarity of the vision of your path and purpose! "more

Dr. Gail, Georgia