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Minneapolis MN 55411 - United States


DMin, MA

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Author, Career Coach, Clergy, Rabbi/Clergy/Pastoral Counseling

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Giving thanks benefits not only the person you are thanking but also yourself as gratitude is really a two-way street.

About Mark Scannell

I am among other things a professional life coach, specializing in addiction recovery. I am a professional recovery life coach. I have written two books: THE GRATITUDE ELEMENT: A NEW LOOK AT THE SERENITY PRAYERS and RESILIENCE: THE ABILITY TO REBOUND FROM ADVERSITY. Both are available through Amazon. I am also a wedding officiant, helping couples create their wedding ceremony as well as officiating at their weddings. I see myself officiating the wedding ceremonies the couples desire. I am open to new coaching clients as well as giving talks on the topics of Gratitude and Resilience. 

I have what many people might see as a diverse background. I was born in a suburb of Chicago – Oak Park, Illinois – and attended the University of Notre Dame for two years. I left Notre Dame to enter a Roman Catholic religious community of priests and brothers – the Dominican Order. I studied philosophy and theology, receiving Master degrees in both disciplines. I later received a Doctor of Ministry degree, I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1969.

I became the career counselor for men seeking admission to the Dominican community. I served in that position for seven years. Following this, I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to begin a consulting group called SYCAMORE. This group worked with Churches around issues of organizational and spiritual renewal. During this time, I also led journaling workshops in a method developed by Dr Ira Progoff, called the Intensive Journal.

In 1984, I decided to leave the Dominican community and the priesthood. In 1985, I married Elaine Gaston, who is also a professional coach. Looking for work , a friend, who owned a manufacturer rep company in the field of plumbing, invited me to work for him. Even though I didn’t know much about plumbing, I did know quite a bit how to work with people as well as manage people. Over the next years, I moved into customer service and became part-owner of the company. In 2007, I retired from the company and began to pursue what I have come to call “cottage industries.”Along the way before retiring, I finished studying to become a professional Life Coach. I also studied to become a Recovery Life Coach, coaching people who are seeking sobriety and recovery from addictions.

Another one of my “cottage industries was becoming a wedding officiant, working with couples in creating their wedding ceremonies and then officiating at their wweddings. Another “cottage industry” was umpiring softball for adults in Minneapolis, and I have been umpiring for about twenty-five years. I am a baseball fan and enjoy staying in the game by umpiring.

My wife and I are both involved in a Roman Catholic church in Minneapolis – St Joan of Arc. Among other involvements, I began a group for Seniors called SAGES. This group provides opportunities for Seniors to give back what they have learned – it is really a chance to share the wisdom of their experiences with others.

Another “cottage industry” I fell into was writing books, and I have written two books in the last five years. The first – THE GRATITUDE ELEMENT: A NEW LOOK AT THE SERENITY PRAYER – emerged out of my participating in a Twelve Step group. I have been a member of this group for twenty-five years now. As I prayer the Serenity Prayer, - asking for Serenity, Courage and Wisdom – I began to see a need to express gratitude for what we have been given. If we ask for something and it is given to us, that is the moment for expressing gratitude. So, I decided to add gratitude to the Serenity Prayer – “I am grateful for the Serenity, Courage and Wisdom you have given me.”

The second book –RESILIENCE: THE ABILITY TO REBOUND ROM ADVERSITY – arose out of an awareness of how stressful life has become for many of us. These stresses often lead to life challenges and adversities. The book is about how to develop Resilience to be able to rebound from these challenges and adversities. Some of these ways are: self-care, openness to learning, and belonging to supportive communities. Both of these books are available on Amazon.

These are some of the highlights of my diverse journey, filled with a number of twists and turns. There have also been lowlights and struggles. I have worked at developing Resilience in my own life in the face of my challenges and adversities. One of the ways that I have found thathas worked is expressing thanks to the many others for what they have given me.


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