Years in Practice

3-5 years


Richmond VT 05477 - United States



Additional Expertise

Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"The only constant is change." -- iPEC Foundation Principle

About Mary Jo Rathgeb

Mary Jo Rathgeb is a Spiritual Life Coach who specializes in guiding people through major life, career, and relationship transitions. In her work with clients, she helps them face their fears and release stuck emotions so that they become free to use their energy, power, and gifts to create a life, career, or relationship that they love. 

Currently a Certified Professional Coach and Human Design Consultant, Mary Jo helps clients find their way to wholeness as they transition from where they are to where they choose to be. As someone who was widowed at 43, Mary Jo understands firsthand what it is like to move from one identity to another, such as being married to being single to being partnered again. She has personally experienced being downsized in a job and starting a new career at 51. At 52 she moved from New York to Vermont to be close to her aging father. When he needed care, she invited him to live with her and her partner, and they became his primary caregivers until his death last year. During this time, she dealt with receiving a breast cancer diagnosis as well.

Mary Jo guides people through the Mojo Journey, a process of releasing the blocks that are holding them back and tapping into their inner core which results in sharing their gifts openly. She uses the Core Energy Coaching Process learned through her training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Human Design as tools to help her clients come to know themselves at a deep level. Her clients become aware of how their are designed to energetically move through the world. They come to know how their thoughts, emotions, and actions resonate with various energy levels and learn how to consciously respond, instead of reacting, to life’s circumstances. This process gives clients clarity and the power to choose how they want to show up in their life, who they want to be, and what they can do to make their vision a reality. With this comes a deep level of self acceptance. 

Mary Jo has a BA in English Literature and an MS in Counseling. She engaged in a 30-year career in Media Marketing. Now, Mary Jo lives in Vermont with her partner and furry, four-legged child. They enjoy walks in nature, exploring the countryside, and cooking with food from local farmers’ markets.

To learn more, visit maryjocoaching.com or linkedin.com/in/maryjorathgeb.