Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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10 years +


Pimlico, Townsville QLD 4812 - Australia


B.Couns., BA, Dip.Ed., FOT

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Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Presence is the golden key that unlocks the power hidden in your body and mind.

About Matthew Power

Hello! Welcome to my profile. I truly hope you can find what you need here. I am a psychotherapist, counsellor, mentor and educator, specializing in helping with experiences of trauma, abuse, anxiety, stress and addictions. I am experienced in working with the complex trauma that underlies most "serious mental health issues" such as dissociative identity, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I am constantly inspired, in a heartfelt way, by the healing I witness amongst people who have had a difficult or even a terrible start in life.

I am certified by the Focusing Institute of New York as a Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist. Focusing is a revolutionary approach to body/mind awareness. Several modern trauma therapies are based on Focusing.

Much of my work is with adult survivors of traumatic childhoods, including my work as a trainer for the Blue Knot Foundation. One of the key things I teach in my training work is that research shows over 90% of people in the public mental health system, and over 75% of people with drug and alcohol addictions, have experienced traumatic childhoods. So working with that trauma is the root. Just taking prescribed medication, or stopping the “recreational” drugs (which are mostly self-medication) is usually not enough to bring real healing.

A particular interest of mine is helping the many people who have severe anxiety, depression or an addiction, but don’t remember being “abused” as a child. Often the problem here is “an absence of what should have been there” - a lack of love throughout childhood, and/or a lack of bonding with caregivers in infancy that results in attachment disorders. I have found that this kind of experience can be healed very well with the mindfulness, Focusing and strengths-based approach I use with other kinds of complex trauma.

I also believe it is important to help people with big picture meanings: spirituality, religion, virtues, values and ethics. Whatever brings you a larger sense of connection and meaning is what I want to support.

Personally, I am a Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition, which I have practiced for over 20 years, including living for four years in a meditation centre.

Combining the threads of my Buddhist practice of mindfulness with my experience of trauma counselling, I have developed a comprehensive way of helping each person find their own unique approach to mindfulness practice and the discovery of their authentic presence, which I believe is at the root of all emotional healing.

If any of the above sounds like it could be a way forward for you, I will be very happy to see you for an appointment. Email me at matthewpower@airpost.net Be well and happy!

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