Health Coach

Years in Practice

10 years +


Lappeenranta ES 53850 - Finland



Additional Expertise

Fitness Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach



I Believe

We all have came here on this earth with different gifts and purposes. It's a journey itself to find your gift and passion, but it's journey what's makes life fulfilling and meaningful. My goal is to help you reach your potential with best of my ability.

About Mikko Paunonen

Mikko Paunonen, is one of the seek out and respected performance coaches in Finland who’s been working all the way from regular people to the top athletes to help them achieve physical and mental performance at top level.

He’s Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and has studied at many different organizations around the world for several years, delving into strength training, neuroscience, kinesiology, biomechanics and nutrition, with the aim of understanding the body better holistically. 
He's in a relationship and have two amazing kids (boy and girl) who gives fulfillment and joy his everyday life. He's passion is to help people to reach their physical and mental potential to to really be able to achieve their dreams.


As a coach, he has a habit of looking at the human body in a holistic way, combining the teachings of both Eastern and Western science approaches to optimize individual well-being and performance. So far, he has also wrote six different books on human well-being, nutrition and exercise.


”I believe, we all have some unique purpose and gift, a soul contract, that we have come here on earth to seek for. Finding it is a journey that makes life a truly worth of living.”


Mikko Paunonen