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"To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

About Phyllis Helene

Thank you for taking time to review my profile, I greatly appreciate it.

Many years ago, when I was a young girl, I had a brother who was fourteen years older than me. I loved him dearly, his name was Chris. I called him Chrissy. He got involved with the wrong crowd. He became a drug addict. Eventually my mother sent him away to get help. When he returned, he was drug free. However, he drank occasionally and he committed one of the deadliest acts an ex-drug addict could do. He stayed in contact with some old friends, he visited old stomping grounds. One night he went to a bar to purchase a drink. He was shot in the temple. The police told my mother he lived for seven minutes. It breaks my heart to think of those last seven minutes. I could see the bullet hole in his head when I viewed his body in the coffin. He was twenty four years old, my mother's first born.

I am Phyllis Helene, your Crisis Dramatist, because it's personal. I was too young to help my brother make better choices. I was too young to help him raise his consciousness. But, now I can help others make the choice to stand on excellence through art. As a creative helping professional my goal is to use art to ignite the moral compass, help young adults thrive and take charge of their existence so they can win in life. Choice is a bridge to their future, understanding the power of choice is critical to their lives. My dramatic plays are custom designed to help create productive citizens in society.

I am a Crisis Dramatist and Creative Helping Professional. I am a creative helping professional because I know art creates a moral change. I am an MFA Creative Writing Candidate. I am a graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Center for Media Arts and the Hollywood Film Institute. I have studied acting and writing for over fifteen years. I have written several screenplays and plays.  I have performed in a variety of plays.

I am certified in Life Coaching and NLP. I am an alumni student of the American Union of NLP. I created the Raising Consciousness play series to help young adults stand on excellence and ignite their moral compass on campus and throughout their high school experience.

Join me on (RCR) Raising Consciousness Radio along with my guests where we discuss enhancing community through Family Dramatic Plays. Listen and learn as you allow Art to be the catalyst for positive change.

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