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Paducah KY 42001 - United States



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Confidence Coach, Fitness Coach, Focusing Trainer, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Trainer, Weight Loss Coach, Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher

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Before all else, you are a primal-biological machine. Once you get the owners manual you will perform better in every aspect of your life.

About Eric Romanak

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on both sides of the health fence. Mental and physical.

I grew up struggling with my health and weight, and I got picked on a lot during very formidable years. My parents got divorced when I was six, and I quickly turned to food in order to numb a lot of my pain, anger and anxiety. Being an overweight wrecked my self-confidence. I got bullied a lot and I had a very hard time making friends.

In high school I thinned up a bit through some growth spurts, but by the time I was 21 I found myself seriously overweight again, divorced and bankrupt with serious anger issues. On top of that, there really wasn’t anything I wouldn’t put in my body to numb my pain. I was at my rock bottom and I realized self-neglect was a big part of how I got there.

After a few weeks of crying on the couch and struggling to make sense of it all, I knew I wanted to become a better man. The problem was I really didn’t know where to start. I was doing terrible in college and had no real passion or direction. But after some more self-exploration, and finding the right support, I decided to invest in a different kind of education.

I decided to heal my mind through my body, so I got involved into martial arts and fitness, which ultimately led to the most important thing anyone can have… a growth mindset!

The big “Ah-ha” moment for me was when I began to realize that before all else, I was a biological machine. I found when I treated my machine a certain way, life was becoming a lot better in every aspect. Soon I noticed myself improving on all levels… Mental, emotional, financial, and relational as well.

So now as a health coach and business owner, I love creating programs that help people learn to use their machines better. I have one of the best jobs in the world, and my passion is to help our culture move into an age of health. In the end, the collective health of our society is based on the health of our individuals.

We all deserve a physical education that is practical and easy to understand. After all, your body is the only vehicle you truly will ever own.

Credentials Include: Tai Chi Instructor, 1000hr Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Certified Circular Strength Trainer, Certified Tactical Fitness Instructor, 300hr Precision Alignment Yoga Instructor, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

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