Anger Management

Years in Practice

3-5 years


Pagosa Springs CO 81147 - United States



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Career Coach, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Change Ourselves, Everything Changes

About Soul Fish

Messages and Teachings for Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

For over 25 years, we’ve been change agents together. We help you discover your spiritual path & personal power so you make your life and the world, much richer.

Psychic-Empathic Readings
Spiritual Life Coaching
Work with Energy Gifts

I am a psychic empath, an intuitive, a healer, teacher, and energy reader.

I am a modern-day medicine man.  I experience a ‘knowing’ from information I receive from energy, emotions, and Spirit. I channel information and share my practice with you.

Intuitive Readings
Spiritual Life Coaching
Support with Relationships

I am an intuitive and help others to listen to their inner voice, and channel their energy into action that manifests positive outcomes.

From an early age I experienced a knowing about other people’s energy and situations. Over the years I came to realize that this wasn’t just a gut instinct, but was actually a gift that I could use to help others.  During your session with me I will work with you so you can open up energetically, and look at new ways of experiencing your life and how your emotions and actions affect all aspects of your being-ness.

We are connected in our session together and we help to clear your energy and create new space.

Bring an issue, a feeling, a problem, challenge, or question… and we will share the messages we receive and and what we are reading to provide understanding, healing, validation and guidance.

CLARITY: We address current challenges you’re facing, so you can free yourself from those things keeping you from feeling happy, and purpose-filled.

DIRECTION: We share techniques so you develop the skills to make choices consciously and take an active role in your growth, development and spiritual understanding. 

GROWTH: We discuss the changes you want to see in your life, and we work with you on deep-rooted hurts, and provide support to you as you heal, grow and thrive.

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