Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Milwaukee WI 53207 - United States



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen." -Brene Brown

About Sue Bruckner Engstrom


As a Professional Counselor, Holistic (Inner) Life Coach and self-proclaimed Joy Warrior, I bring my unique perspective to clients navigating through pivotal life transitions, especially through divorce.  For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to my own personal growth, viewing life as a spiritual journey. I have been a practicing Professional Counselor since 2008. Along with my strong intuition, in my work with clients, I integrate Positive Psychology, Grief and Loss, Spirituality and the wisdom I've gained personally and professionally over the years.​ By widening my skills through becoming a Holistic (Inner) Life Coach, I have been able to create a highly-specialized Divorce Recovery program available to clients globally. It is my honor to guide my clients into becoming compassionate and empowered stewards of their emotional world in a time when everything is shifting in their lives. My Counseling + Coaching business, With Intention, is based out of an awesome neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

Not only do I walk the talk, I also experience struggle along the way just like you do. I like to say I am an Alchemist making gems out of life’s b.s.   My commitment to living bravely means that I move into vulnerability often, that I allow myself to feel deeply, and that I fall flat on my face at times. It also means that I choose to learn from life, from fear, and from falling. I have always known that the Universe provides me with challenging experiences to not only learn and grow from but to also synthesize into wisdom - wisdom that allows me to guide others into becoming skillful and confident stewards of their emotional world.  

With my skillful, compassionate, and honest guidance I inspire men and women to cut through the noise of life and move into a higher version of themselves. In this version they are aligned more deeply to their integrity and authenticity; connected more fully to themselves and their badassery; more tuned into spiritual guidance and intuition.  Most importantly, I help clients love who they are, who they’ve been, and who they are becoming.

A bit more about me: I am a full-time single mom with a deep connection to Mama Earth. I have been a farmer, a local food advocate, and a world-traveler.  I am both grounded and a dreamer. Gratitude, manifestation, prayer, and spirit animals have been my saving grace through trauma, grief and loss and a bumpy journey toward loving myself deeply.