The “Heartgasm”©

People may believe that you’re unlucky because your heart has been broken. They may pity you for the pain and disappointment that you have endured when your relationship or marriage ended.  If you were married, in-laws may blame you for your divorce no matter what the facts may be.   

I say that if your heart has been broken it has been broken OPEN and you are BLESSED!

When your heart breaks, it cracks open like an eggshell and once open, pure love can flow from you to the world and from the world to you.   But it is not automatic- you need to learn to avoid bitterness and let the honey flow.   

To feel pure love, to have it flow from your heart; that is your greatest gift. To let love in, fully inside you; knowing that you deserve it and that it is your birthright; this is the greatest gift of being human.  

What is the danger to those who are too afraid to feel as deeply as this? They will miss this tsunami of bliss, this emotional partner to the orgasm. The “heartgasm” feels like sun shining into your soul; it is bliss binding your wounds; it is ecstasy. When you experience the magical confluence of both; when heartgasm and orgasm are simultaneous, this is worth everything that you have suffered.  

Never regret that you have loved; regret that everyone has not because they are too afraid.   

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