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Reflective writing will lead you through the darkness.

About Susan Embry

I am a journal therapy facilitator, a developmental teacher and coach taught to use quotes, poetry and other journal tools and techniques to help women write their way to finding answers and making meaningful personal life choices. I am passionate about helping women discover their authentic voice and the possibilities for the life they want. I know writing works because I have been using it as a springboard to inner knowledge for over 65 years!

If we believe Leonard Cohen in his epic song Anthem when he sings “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” we also believe we can bring light to ourselves. I can share with you one path that leads the way through darkness for me --- reflective writing.

EVERY WOMAN IS UNIQUE. So is her story and what she does with it. Writing is where you discover more about your own life, your relationships and your values, and ultimately grow a new story.

WRITING BRINGS ANSWERS to hard questions in moments of extreme personal crisis to gratitude in times of deep peace and satisfaction. You will find clarity in the repetition of themes as well as what you leave out. Sentences become stepping-stones to answers. Answers help you see a window to your soul.


For more information, email info@yourspiralnotebook.com for available appointment dates. Instructions will then guide you to next steps for a successful session on topics you want to pursue.

Susan Embry Success Stories

What Journal Writers Say

"Your guidance is wonderful and thought provoking. Deeper and more sophisticated than most." ~ Jane, Atlanta GAmore

"You have a great way of touching people on all levels." ~ Ann, Corpus Christi TX

"Your group supported me when I was going through a lot of personal stuff. I miss it!" ~ Susan, Taos NM