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Relationship problems begin in childhood.

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If you're clicking on here because you read my popular article on yods in astrology and you want more information, here it is!


An affair is perhaps the most painful, challenging experience we will ever go through in adult life.

Condemning people who've started one doesn't help anything (although a lot of judgmental people think it does.) So many websites and articles about affairs just slap your hand and say,


                                    "It's bad. Don't do it."


But they don't help you understand the deeper reasons why, or what is really going on. Relationship problems are symptoms. Our problems start in childhood and hide underground for many years, and then ... here come the symptoms, in the form of communication problems, staleness, or affairs in our relationships.

What I've found is that when we deeply see these things for ourselves, the right thing to do is clearer, and we feel a lot less conflict about it.

I pull healing information from everywhere--codependency literature, adult child of, every good relationship book I could get my hands on. When I started studying astrology and saw all the same stuff repeated there...I learned how to use one to further my understanding of the other, and how to apply it all to my life.

So now I'm writing articles about it, here, on my affair website and on the personality disorders website I've just started. Welcome.

I also offer a free novel, Split Black.

Detective John Robin discovers the murdered body of the hotshot homicide chief who recruited him to the city's "A Squad", rabbi'd him up to detective, and taught him so much. Distraught, John catches the case...for about two minutes. In the blink of an eye, a more senior detective is assigned instead. How can John get reassigned to the case? How can he solve the murder of his boss and friend? What's happened to his flaky girlfriend, Lizzie, a fallen New York model,  and his squad partner Mike, who's  having a mental breakdown? How can those clues help him solve the crime? When John himself is attacked, the stakes climb.

John is the child of a borderline mother, who, struggling to navigate the toughest case of his career, discovers what borderline personality disorder is, how it's affected him, why his life is such a mess ... and what to do to pull himself out of it. My goal is that by the time the reader finishes the novel, not only will they have been entertained by a good mystery, but they'll have a good intuitive understanding of what borderline personality disorder is, and why help is so important for BPD sufferers and everyone close to them.


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