Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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25 years +


Edgewater NJ 07020 - United States



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Author, Business Coach, Consultant, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Neurolanguage Coach, Personal Development Coach

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Change is Inevitable... Growth is Optional... Transformation is a Choice!!!

About Willard Barth

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Business Consultant, Transformation Expert, Coach and Trainer. Willard Barth has gone from a life of total devastation to being one of the leading consultants in his field. How? That’s what you will learn when you hear his presentation.  

His system and #1 Best Selling book “The Anatomy of Transformation” is the result of almost 30 years that he has spent working with and observing tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies.

Willard Barth is the Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises, Co-Creator of Neuro Associative Programming (N.A.P.) Co-Founder of The N.A.P. Coaching Academy. He has been involved in the field of human behavior, personal and professional development close to 30 years. He has been involved in the development of numerous businesses in various industries. In that time what he has discovered is that from small start ups to multi-national corporations, for a business to be successful they all follow a repetitive cycle which he labels “The Anatomy Of Transformation”. This cycle is actually a 7 Phase process that he has implemented in his consulting and coaching which has created DRAMATIC results for the people he has worked with. One company using this system increased their sales by 78% in one year. Another company that Willard’s team is working with became one of the 10 fastest growing companies in NJ for 2014, and one of the 2,000 fastest growing companies in the United States.

He is the creator of the website YourDailyLifeCoach.com, the host of the video series Self-Awareness 101 and the author of “The Warrior Sage: Sacred Scars” a life story in which he shares the journey and lessons have taken him from a life of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial ruin to being one of the top trainers in his field.  

Along with his accomplishments in the field of personal development, Willard has used these skills to his benefit in many other areas of his life.  He is also the founder of 4 successful companies including an entertainment company, a marketing company, as well as Willard Barth Enterprises and The N.A.P. Coaching Academy.  A successful singer/songwriter, his first album “Coming Home” enjoyed International success with the first single “Wind Dancer” reaching 24 on the pop charts overseas.  He also performed regularly with the legendary Les Paul.  He co-founded and currently sits on the board of the 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, The Fine to FAB Foundation.

Throughout his training career he has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of people to get them explosive results in both their professional and personal lives.  His presentations are humorous, entertaining, powerful and get instant results.

Learn more about Willard Barth, The Anatomy of Transformation and The N.A.P. Coaching Academy at www.willardbarth.com

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