Gabby Petito’s Father Speaks On The Contents Of Brian Laundrie’s Notebook As Sleuths Seek More Answers

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Brian Laundrie Notebook

In the weeks since Brian Laundrie's remains were found, many questions have lingered about what happened to Gabby Petito.

After Laundrie’s parents joined law enforcement to search for their son near the Carlton Reserve, partial human remains and several items belonging to Laundrie were found.

One of these items was a notebook which, for those following the case, has remained a source of interest.

Now, Petito's father, Joe Petito, has spoken about the notebook and the mystery surrounding it.

What is in Brian Laundrie’s notebook?

The exact contents of the notebook remain unknown and, while investigators did say the notebook may be salvageable, it may never be released to the public.

Joe Petito is not focused on the notebook.

The father of Laundrie's deceased girlfriend says the notebook will not bring his daughter back nor will it give Chris and Roberta Laundrie their son.

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Instead, he says he is focused on how to prevent other families from losing their daughters.

The Petitos have been vocal about improving services for domestic violence victims.

However, online sleuths are still hyper-focused on the possible contents of the diary after seeing images of evidence being taken away from the scene.

There appears to be a drawings on Laundrie’s notebook.

A close look at what seems to be the notebook in another bag shows an obscure shape on the cover.

This may be a drawing, sticker or could be any other mark from the item being in the wilderness.

The shape resembles a side profile though it is unclear what exactly the image could be.

Laundrie was known to have a notebook of drawings. 

Many of Laundrie’s Instagram posts show elaborate drawings of demonic looking figures or a grim reaper. 

Petito’s family recalled seeing him make drawings for their younger children. 

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It’s possible that the notebook found is where Laundrie stored some of these artworks and may be considered evidence in the case. 

Laundrie’s notebook may have been stored in a dry bag.

We know that the recently discovered items were discovered in an area that was previously underwater which has led some to question how the notebook has not disintegrated.

However, images of Chris Laundrie retrieving evidence shows what appears to be the notebook stored in a bag that may be waterproof.

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Dry bags are specifically designed to be sealed and can float in water. This implies that Laundrie may have been using the bag to protect his items or intended them to be found.

Online sleuths have their own theories about what is in Laundrie’s notebook.

As those who have followed the case closely hope to finally have the answers they've been seeking, many are theorizing that a confession could be in the notebook.

Others are hoping that Petito’s family will be able to receive even some sliver of information from the evidence.

Gabby's family must be devastated, too. Brian owed them answers,” one Twitter user wrote. “I hope whatever is in that notebook helps give them some sort of closure someday.”

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