For The Ladies Part II: How To Give A Good Blow Jo

For the Ladies Part II: How to Give a Good Blow Jo

Below is some advice (in bold) taken from the book The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex by Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., followed by me adding my own thoughts in.


The first thing you want to do is use a warm, damp wash cloth to make his penis (and testicles) squeaky clean. This way he will taste great, and he’ll love the extra attention too.


1. Begin by licking every square centimeter of the penis. Strong, long licks, up and down the shaft of his penis. Make lazy circles on his scrotum with your tongue. Use your hands as little as possible at this point. I’m speechless. I think she covered it all here.


2. Keeping your lips relaxed, slowly take just the top of the head of the penis in your mouth. Take it easy. You can apply some suction, but you’re not trying to suck the thing clear off! What can I say? She’s thorough.


3. Flick your tongue back and forth over the top of the head while it’s resting in your mouth. Creep your way down the head using your saliva to keep him wet. I’m getting turned on, how about you?


4. Continue inching down the length of his penis, with your mouth, one slow inch at a time. Use your tongue to play with the penis as your work your way down. Apparently this woman has no gag reflex whatsoever. If you do, try positioning his penis slightly off center of your tongue, so you aren’t going to graze him with your teeth but neither is his penis going to touch your uvula (that little dangly thing in the back of your throat).

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5. When you finally reach the base of the penis (or as far down as you can reach without losing your dinner), begin moving your head up and down the length of his penis with slowly increasing speed.


6. Alternate stimulating the penis with your mouth and with your hand. Too much of any one thing can get monotonous, even if he loves that one thing. Good point, I agree!