10 Best Mother's Day Gifts, According To Mom

Mothers Day Gifts
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Mothers are constantly giving, which is why it's often tough for them to receive. Ask Mom what she wants for Mother's Day and you'll likely get something in the vein of, "Oh, you don't have to do anything." Sweet, but not terribly helpful. Truth is, while she legitimately cherishes those necklaces made with macaroni and an extra dose of love, she would also appreciate something a little more extravagant (even if she won't admit it). 15 Love Lessons From Our Mothers

To get to the bottom of Mother's Day gift giving, I polled real moms on the greatest gift they'd ever received. And while many answered with the standard, "just a phone call" or "something homemade," there were also some trends (moms like to be pampered), plus a few surprises. Here, what the mother in your life really wants this year.

PHOTO GALLERY: 10 Best Mother's Day Gifts, According To Mom

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