Bad Reputations: Should You Give A Damn?

Bad Reputations: Should You Give A Damn?

Known for his success as producer of NBC's Today Show, Jeff Zucker will become the new head of CNN Worldwide in January, it was announced today. The network has high hopes that he'll revitalize entire brand.

Let's face it, the guy has a pretty impressive resume and is potentially on the brink of a big comeback, but let's not forget about his bad rap. The president-to-be has been called the "most destructive media executive ever to exist" and is responsible for the entire Leno/Conan debacle, which led to his demise at NBC. Yikes, not a good look.

He's pretty much the guy with the bad reputation. You know, the one that no one wants you to date. We've all been there or seen it happen to a friend. Maybe he's done sketchy things at work, maybe he's a player, or maybe his partying habits are rumored to be out of control. The problem is, he's nice to you and you just can't get enough of him.

So how much of his questionable past should you bring into your present — especially when his behavior toward you is positive? Of course you wouldn't want him to judge you for things you've done in the past (who would?) but how can you tell if you're falling into a trap or giving him a fair chance that he deserves?

The thing is, you don't always know.

I once dated a guy who my friends disliked. He was known around our group of friends as being a sweet talker, a flirt, and overall immature. But he was sweet to me and everyone around us knew it. I was willing to look past his reputation because we had a great connection. In the long run, it didn't work out. Even while I now agree with what my friends were saying all along, it was something I had to see for myself — and I don't regret my decision to stick it out. I would have never been satisfied with ending it before I was ready and until I understood that it wasn’t going work.

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So what's a girl to do? I say, if you feel something, test the waters. Whether someone's caused major late night wars on NBC or has cheated in the past, no one's perfect and maybe he's learned and grown from his mistakes. If you start to feel like you can't trust him or get over his dating history, reconsider. Having past baggage come up in your new relationship can only mean bad things. Maybe his past isn't something you can deal with, or better yet, maybe you can. Does Rhett Butler ring a bell?

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