4 Things You Need To Do Before You Walk Down The Aisle

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When I was a little girl, I often daydreamed about when I would get married and how many kids I would have. In my young mind, 24, seemed to be the age I thought was best. As it turned out, I married at 22 and I can't help but think that my life could be a different now, if I had waited. 

In many ways, I am a poster child for what not to do! I always did have to learn the hard way! I am not saying that I regret my decisions, but I am still catching up to where I would/could/should be. In my mind, I am re-naming this article, "Lessons Every Girl Should Learn Before Marriage."

Times have Changed! 
Looking at U.S. history, women used to marry younger and divorce was not as prevalent. Before World War II, women didn't often work outside the home. As times changed with work responsibilities, equal rights and higher divorce rates, women became more independent and secure before they got married. In my non-expert opinion, I think women should wait until they are 28-30 to marry. 

So, if you wait, what's the difference?

The biggest difference in waiting to marry is that you don't have to learn everything at the same time. Establish yourself in your career and you will have gained some wisdom and experience with money and relationships. MATURITY in all aspects of your life will spare you grief in many ways. 

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