15 Funny Beach Body Memes & Body-Positive Quotes That Prove Every Body Is Summer-Ready

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Summer has arrived whether you feel like your body is ready or not. The months of working out and eating clean are all about to be worth it — unless you fell off the proverbial wagon and didn’t care to try this year. Have you been preparing or are you just beginning your diet after trying on some bathing suits recently? Does it really even matter?

Summer is all about fun, because at the end of the day we are just trying not to die from the ever-rising temperature. Everyone dreads going back to their car after hours of the sun creating an oven-like atmosphere inside. Any place with A/C is like an oasis in the desert. Trust me, we all feel this scorching heat.

So go out there with your body regardless of its size, shape or condition. It’s way too hot this time around to be relaxing by the pool or at the beach and not getting cooled down by the water.

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Trying to enjoy summer is tricky however, from having to work when your friends want to go out, or not having enough money for the trip that’s coming up. There always seems to be a lot to do when you’re busy versus when you have free time. Like do your friends even have jobs?

Remaining single and really enjoying summer has become the theme for this summer. Are you going to let your fling become a thing or are you going to let loose this summer? Everyone is claiming that it’s a “Hot Girl” summer, so that means not getting tied down.

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At the end of the day, if you’re at the beach, it IS a beach body. Summer is all about letting go and having fun. Regardless of whether you want to make some extra money or take some time off (or both!), you deserve to really enjoy this weather. So while you’re catching that tan, check out these 15 funny summer memes that prove your body is more than beach ready.

1. Not changing for anyone.

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2. It’s the inside that counts, anyway.

3. It still fits, right?

4. Damn snacks.

5. Whatever.

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6. Who made up cheat days anyway?

7. Accurate.

8. Feelin' great, feelin' good!

9. So tempting.

10. As good as it gets.

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11. What dieting feels like.

12. Pretty much.

13. Naps are my best friend.

14. My plans this summer.

15. It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

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