How To Make Black Salt For Protection

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How To Make Black Salt For Protection

Sometimes you want your space to feel safe, and you'll try anything to make it easier to sleep at night or feel like the universe is there to help you.

Perhaps you've prayed. Sat with a friend — anointed your house with oil, but want one more thing to try and a ritual would be worth a shot.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create a barrier of self-protection to ward of negative energy?

That something you need is black salt.

In ancient times, people used black salt, also known as kala namak, as a homeopathic remedy.

But this type of salt is different.

Black salt made at home is used to create a barrier of energetic protection.

Black salt has been used to mark the area of your home when a relationship has ended and you don't want your X to come back.

Black salt can be the thing you use to wish a person to leave your life and you use it to mark your safe space.

Black salt is a simple tool that helps you and your environment feel safe and to absorb negative energy.

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Yes, it's true that black salt is also known as black ritual salt that is also referred to as witch's salt.

But anyone can use it, and if it makes you feel better, why not?

Witch's salt and black salt are made from the same ingredients — a mixture of ashes, sea salt, charcoal, and sometimes black dye, which is why you should not eat it. It's not meant for human consumption.

Black ritual salt, or witch's salt, is known and believes to have magical abilities that help protect you against all negative energies and spirits. 

The way people use it is to sprinkle the salt around their yard, house, or keep it in a jar somewhere in the house, or under your bed. 

Basically, you can put black salt anywhere in your house to keep unpleasant energies, spirits, and people from entering your sacred space. 

The most popular way of using black salt is to first smudge or sage your entire house, then sprinkle the black salt in a line just outside of the front and back doors of your house as well as along your windowsills. 

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If you are experiencing negative energy, surrounding gossip, anger, and moodiness at work, then you can keep a small bagful under your desk; this goes for nightmares too except the salt is kept under your bed.

Some say you can toss black salt in the footsteps of negative people so they won’t return to you, (this might be a step too far but do as you please).

If you are going on a date with someone new, carry it in a small jar in your purse and add some cinnamon oil for protection of your heart to stay clear of suitors with bad intentions.

Then when you want to dispose of your black salt after use properly then you must either bury it in your backyard or if you have a fire pit, you can burn it in there.

If you like to burn candles, you can roll your candle in oil and then in black salt to use as a tool when casting spells against negative forces.

How To Make Black Salt For Protection:

First off you’re going to need a mortar and pestle in order to even make the black salt because it’s a sort of messy process.

This is the essential tool which is great because it’s not just the easiest tool to use but easy for cleaning as well. 


1. Sea salt

2. A pinch of charcoal from a fire (or you can easily use activated charcoal powder)

3. A pinch of black pepper

4. Incense ashes

Steps for Making Black Salt:

1. First off, grind the pepper and the charcoal into a fine powder. 

2. Once the powder is made, add your salt in slowly, make sure to add just enough that the salt is black but not too much that it looks grey.

3. Burn a cone of incense in the mortar bowl or catch the ashes in a tray and pour them into the mortar bowl.

4. Pour your mixture into a small glass container or bag.

5. Repeat this black salt spell for protection if you want:

“In the name of the Great Moon Spirits and of the stars above, I bless this black salt with peace and love so it can keep the darkness away.”

6. Store the salt in an airtight container and wait for it to dry out.

7. If there’s a full moon, you can leave your salt outside charging in the moonlight.

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How To Make Black Salt With Common Household Ingredients

When using these household ingredients the steps are almost the same as before.

You have to burn the herbs you are using and grind together the salt and ashes with the mortar and pestle.

When burning the herbs, the ash will look like charcoal when mixed, which is what you want, and you use almost equal parts ash to salt, more ash is better for the darker color. 

Option #1:

1. Chili Pepper

2. Rosemary/Rue/Cinnamon

3. Sea Salt

For this recipe, all you need to do is mix together your Chili pepper, Rosemary, Rue, and Cinnamon and burn it until you get ashes.

Then all you do is mix the ashes and sea salt together and you get your black salt.

Option #2:

1. Black pepper

2. Sea salt

3. Black powdered food coloring 

4. Ashes from fire pit or from a piece of paper

With this recipe, all you need to do is to either collect ashes from a fire pit (if you have one).

You can also use what you have from a burnt piece of paper (which you wrote on it what negativity you want to be banished from your life from making the black salt) and black food coloring.

Much like the other recipes, you grind up all the different ingredients together with your mortar and pestle and you have your DIY black salt. 

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