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Woman Wonders If She Is Wrong For Calling The Police On Her Fiance After He Took Her Car

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Woman Wonders If She Is In The Wrong For Calling The Cops On Her Fiance

A woman on Reddit is asking if she is in the wrong for calling the police on her fiance. 

The woman describes how after she moved in with her fiance of three years she bought herself a car to travel to and from work as a nurse. 

Her fiance’s house is hours away from her job and there weren’t any hospitals nearby for her to transfer to so she needed a form of transportation. 

Her fiance however, has been without a car for about two months now. She described it costs a lot to repair and he refuses to take any financial help from her although she offered. 

“Instead, he would ask to use my car every now and then and I agreed as long as it's when I'm not working and also, since he only uses it for trips to the supermarket etc.” the post reads. 

But, he took the car on New Year's Eve when she had a night shift. 

“On New Years Eve, he told me he wanted to use my car to go hang out with his friends and celebrate but I declined because I had to cover a night shift and needed my car to travel to work. He insisted and even suggested I take the night off or swap shifts with another nurse but I couldn't do that last minute” she explained. 

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She assumed he had understood, but when she finished taking a shower before work, she couldn’t find him or her car. 

She began to call him for half an hour and got no answer. Eventually, one of his friends picked up the phone. 

“I demanded he give the phone to my fiance but he said they were out and confirmed that he took my car and told me that my fiance said that it's better that I skip my shift and he'll be back with my car later.” 

She continued, “I couldn't take it I felt so enraged I had my fiance on the phone telling him I did not consent for him to take my car to go hang out with friends and said I'd call the police to get it back if he refused to come back with it” 

However, he didn’t take her seriously. She hung up and called the police. 

Him and his friends were picked up by the police and brought to the police station. 

She got her car back in time to go to her shift. 

“My fiance was let go hours after I left and he blew up my phone with missed calls and texts about how I was out of my mind to call the police on him and put him in this situation” she said. 

When she got off work the next day they got into an argument where he called her petty and callous. 

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She ended the post by saying, “I did consider this a form of theft especially since he went behind my back after getting a ‘NO’ from me, but he was shocked that I'd even imply that he was a thief and said what's yours is mine and vice versa so I shouldn't be using the terms ‘theft and stealing.’”

Many believe she is not in the wrong. 

The top comment reads, “NTA (not the a-hole). Girl why are you with a man who cannot take care of his own basic needs and insists that you call off work so he can go party? He is using you and you can do way better. Do not offer financial help to people like this either. He has money to go out with his friends then he has money for a car.”

The comment continues, “His friends put themselves in to this situation by getting in to a stolen car. Do you really think they weren’t all sitting around laughing at you before this happened?” 

Another popular comment reads, “Um. He got you to move far away from public transport and work opportunities into his house, refuses to fix his car so there is now only 1 between you, didn't listen to your no, took your car without permission, endangered your job by forcing you to miss NYE shift when there is no way you could get cover,"

The commenter continues, "Yelled at you when he was in the wrong, Didn't defend you to his friends, Is now giving you the silent treatment. No you are NTA, but your boyfriend is giving off some warning signs that you should look at very closely before marrying him.” 

What do you think? 

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