About Noirin Callanan

Hi I'm Noirin and I'm an Irish Natural energy Healer & Intuitive Guide. Several experiences as a child pointed to my calling as a Natural Healer & Intuitive.

I was born with a caul, a gossamer type veil around the head, which in traditional Irish culture signified that I would be a Healer, Psychic and lucky in life. My grandmother was a gift Healer and people came from miles away for her hands-on Healing. When I was about 7 years old, I was visiting an elderly neighbour Agnes Flynn, and as I noticed her wince in pain, I felt compassion for her and we both watched helplessly, as my hand reached out and rested just above her painful hand. She suffered with severe arthritis in her hands and when my hands moved to over hers unbidden, she said it ‘gave her great comfort’.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said a Nurse a Doctor or a Vet, so basically my passion even as a small child, was to take away pain and illness. I’ve spent 40+ years (since age 16) studying all aspects of natural holistic health and human potential. I still love learning new things that have the potential to help myself or others, live Happier & Healthier lives.

After training in various modalities, including Bio-Energy Healing, Nutrition, Intuitive Psychic Development and many more, I started to work as an Energy Healer in 1995. Once I saw how much it benefitted my first few clients, I left what my mother called the ‘good pensionable job’ as I knew that I had found my life’s work. It felt (and still feels) like an absolute privilege, to see people smile and laugh again with relief when they get the results that they hoped for. Some arrive and just say ” I need a miracle !” and  I do my best to help them get the result they want. I now work only via Skype or Zoom or via phone calls with clients in many parts of Ireland and all over the World.