Years in Practice

25 years +


Sacramento CA 95816 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Integrate all of You so you're fully alive with purpose, joy, balance and peace!

About Ann Naimark

I am an MFT who incorporates spirituality in my work.  For 25 years, I have led groups, held workshops, treated individuals and couples.  I started out as a traditional psychotherapist, and as I grew in my own spiritual practice, I found  that I wanted to invite clients to bring their spirituality into their work.

 My spiritual journey has been varied:  I have practiced Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, esoteric, natural arts.   I was also previously an RN,  and continue to study nutrition and different healing modalities.

 Today I help you focus and integrate all of you, (mind, body, emotions, Spirit), so you're fully alive with purpose, joy, balance and peace. We brainstorm ways to help you achieve physical goals. Using, for instance, EMDR, EFT, your goal is reached more quickly and completely by clearing thoughts and emotions that block your path. Inviting Spirit you feel supported and receive healing on many levels.

One of my favorite part of the work is to work with Spirit.  If you are interested, we call in all your Spiritual Helpers and many Beings in the Family of Spirit that are appropriate for what you are working on.  Over the years Spirit has allowed me to tune into many of the spiritual struggles people are having and I am able to let you know in that moment what I am being told, what I see and hear from the Divine that relates to your healing.  During that time Light is working on you creating Healing right then.  Sometimes I am guided to speak Light Language or tone, two other ways of bringing in healing energy. The most common comment from clients after a healing session is "I feel so much calmer".  And over time clients find themselves changing in ways they have wanted, sometimes for a long time.

I have led many meditations in groups and those are also profound.  We begin by setting the energy in the space - by inviting in different dimensions of Light through the aid of Light Beings (Archangels, your Spiritual Guides, for instance).  I let myself be guided to whatever Spirit has in mind that goes with the stated goals of the group.  And, like in individual work, Light works on providing each group member what they need at that time. 

I love doing this work; seeing you gain confidence, release fears and old worn out patterns that don't serve you, and find your joy, balance, peace and love for yourself! and feel that you're on YOUR path , YOUR way.


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