Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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1-3 years


Greenfield WI 53228 - United States


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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Let's approach your challenges using your strengths instead of trying to fix your weaknesses.

About Bob Roesler

GREETINGS!  I am an addiction recovery coach and Strengths Strategy Coach who finds great fulfillment in working with individuals who are ready to discover and apply their unique strengths to better handle they challenges of every day life. I have a special interest in working with those who are on the road to addiction recovery. I work with those who are currently in treatment, both the addict as well as families and friends,  as well as those who have completed treatment and are looking for guidance as they integrate back into “normal” life. I also work with those dedicated professionals who work with these individuals.

I take a strengths-based approach with each client.  For those in recovery, I work with them in discovering and effectively applying their strengths to achieve success in whatever areas they feel need attention. For addiction recovery professionals, I work with them in discovering and correctly applying their strengths to work more effectively with their clients, their colleagues, and all those with whom they have contact.

I offer a complementary 60 minute consultation for prospective clients. Please feel free to check out my website recoverinthelight.com for more information about me. Or feel free to contact me directly at roeslerbob@gmail.com