Years in Practice

10 years +


Columbia MO 65203 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Naturopathic Doctor, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You are the center of all your experience of life. Your relationship with yourself is the key to a vibrant healthy life at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

About Caya Tanski, PhD

Hello!  My name is Caya Janet Tanski.  My goal is to help you find peace, joy, and vibrant physical health.  The way I do this is by helping you listen to your own body’s and spirit’s wisdom.  Your body holds the answers to all your life’s needs but it is often difficult to hear what it is saying.  If you have a hypo-thyroidism, for example, we need to look carefully at all the laboratory reports, analyze them from a functional perspective, and also look at all the possible underlying causes. It may be related to a nutritional deficiency, toxicity exposure, mental emotional stressors, a subconscious belief such as “no one respects me” or other possibilities.  I help you uncover the factors involved in your particular case and resolve any obstacles to your body’s healing itself.  

In my articles, I will be giving you guidelines to develop a deep, fulfilling, and healing relationship with yourself that will cover the energetic and spiritual aspects of health as well as specifics on how to have healthy and vibrant physical body.  

I am a nationally certified naturopath, homeopath, and energy medicine practitioner. I have a Doctor of Naturopathy degree as well as a four-year degree in Classical Homeopathy.  Other specialized training includes BodyTalk (CBP and PaRama BP), Emotional Freedom Technique (Master Practitioner), Matrix Reimprinting, Theta Healing, Kinesionics, Sacred Contracts, Functional Blood Chemistry analysis, Functional Endocrinology, and Functional Brain Chemistry.