Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

25 years +


Tampa FL 33622 - United States


BA, Church, EdD, MAPP

Additional Expertise

Author, Consultant, Image Consultant, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Speaker/Presenter, Teacher

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I am passionately working to empower each client to their pinnacle of their best. With modules "12 WAYS TO POSITIVE AVENUE" & "COAL TO DIAMONDS" to name a few, will enhance the abilities of ones self-esteem. "SEE PAST THE TREES TO SIGHT THE ESSENCED LANDSCAPE OF PROSPERITY!"

About Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.

I'm a motivational Guru / Speaker / Author / Actor who founded DLD (Determined to Learn and Develop) Enterprises in 1992. The purpose of beginning this company was to bring Motivation forth to those lacking the esteem of being of a positive and respectable person of self and to others. In this profession, which has been rewarding due to the opportunity to assist many who lack the where all to understand themselves and their abilities to thrive past their abilities to reach their personal goals, or to be a affirmed and optimistic team player.

Throughout the years DLD has been awarded by numerous organizations that include School Boards, Universities, Children Board, Men Groups, Churches and Two Presidents of These United States. As a strong advocate of assisting people to be WINNERS and to Believe in Themselves to Conquer the quest they under take, this can be said this is more than a business, THIS IS A PASSION & COMMITMENT!!!

To date Fourteen Books have been peened, namely "THE POWER OF BEING A WINNER," (The 13th) which landed on the Barnes and Nobles Number "1" for Self-Help Books. The Latest book "MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS," released on my Birthday of 2019 (Thanksgiving) is steadily making a impressive impact. To add there's the featuring on numerous Radio & T. V. Talk Shows as well as Hosting a few radio programs. "THE DLD MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS" (just one of many talk shows hosted through the years), aired on 4 radio stations and could be heard via the internet also in the 2019 year. The objective was to give listeners a daily dose of motivation to inspire them through their days, despite the situation the world. Over the years there have been motivational life skills, stress management, self building, mentor youth curriculums written to rave reviews by educational institutions, churches and business organizations to name a few. 

In reference to acting, for the last eleven years it's been privileged to portray one of America's greatest hero, "MR. FREDERICK DOUGLASS." Conducting this Highly Successful one man show through the years in standing room arenas throughout America have left the audience grasping for more. Every years since its inception in 2009, the request has grown which sets the stage to appear at many venues seeking to learn and teach on the subject of Mr. Douglass. This educational spectacle which also include a mini display of Mr. Douglass Family and home take the audience on a historical escapade back to the eighteen hundreds where they are educate about the life of a runaway slave who ultimately end up being a well defined speaker and fighter not just for the freedom of slaves, but also all women rights! Constantly after each performance a standing ovation is rendered for Satisfaction, Education and Entertained!  

I will say I am truly Blessed and Yes a Overcomer of Five Abusive Foster Homes and the torture of a biological father who also had hands of abuse (more so then the norm)! In being place in a environment that would set me up to move from Negative Street to Positive Avenue, it was placed upon me to be a change agent not just for myself, but for thousand who are seeking to be empowered. 

Please take time to visit our webpage and Google DLD, maybe just maybe we might be of service to you.

 May you and Family continue to be "SAFE" as we continue through COVID-19!


Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.