Anger Management

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Topsfield (Greater Boston) MA 01983 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Pastoral Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change! Release that which No Longer Serves You ...

About Kristi Borst

As an integrative energy healer I am able to help others heal physical pain, emotional trauma, self-limiting beliefs, fear and childhood wounds. As we heal the past we heal the present. My Healing Resonance assists clients in getting back to inner peace, balance, and helps reset the body's natural healing intelligence.
Unsure what’s blocking your joy & happiness? Feeling stuck? Need clarity in business or in LIFE? Is chronic physical pain or emotional distress/anxiety running you? Do you recognize that there’s a better version of you just beyond your reach? Need Higher-Self clarity? Spiritual guidance? Relationship healing?

"Before the session, I was feeling a lack of enthusiasm, disappointment, almost stuck in a place I could not move from. Now I feel the enthusiasm, I feel a new surge of life and my spirit has risen above the clouds of feeling stuck. I have a new viewpoint of my life." Tamara, FL

I am a natural quantum healer, able to positively affect mind-body-spirit-emotions. I help others heal their physical bodies, calm their minds, lift their spirits, and reconnect with more joy and wellness. Mind-body-spirit-emotions integrative energy medicine can seemingly create instant healing. This is because many things that go wrong with the body have a non-physical root. Heal the dis-ease; heal the disease!  I am able to release long-held trauma, self-limiting beliefs, energy blocks, cellular memories, karmic threads.

The subtle realms, the aura, the chakras, the unconscious / superconscious, and old looping “stories” or self-limiting beliefs are where I excel as an intuitive spiritual healer and  natural energy medicine practitioner. I work with people of all ages and am particularly skilled at helping childhood traumas, spiritual disconnect, and resetting the body’s amazing abilities at self-healing. I also offer post-operative or post injury sessions for pain-relief and healing acceleration.

"I am so thrilled at the rapid relief and healing [of] your amazing energy." Yvonne P, NH

We can connect for private one-to-one sessions, couple’s or family work, or group sessions. Private sessions are offered  world-wide through distance and remote healing with connectivity via phone or Skype. In addition, I see clients in person in Wells, Maine, and Topsfield, MA (Greater Boston / North Shore). I am willing to have a dialog about traveling for groups and intensive private session work; please inquire.

"[Our] relationship has begun to shift now that I have changed my perspective, and we continue to grow more loving and safe each day." Patty K, Maine

Time and space do not diminish the results of my Healing Resonance and Perspective Reboot® energy healing appointments. Half hour readings are also offered for your clarity, intuitive information and spiritual guidance (life challenges, relationship problems, emotional basis for a physical pain/dis-ease, Higher Self guidance). I will share new perspectives and tips for your Self Mastery, expansion, activation, empowerment.

I also offer low-cost Kore HealingSM with Kristi Borst MP3s focused on specific chakra healing / clearing, inner peace, and empowered living.

Thank you, Kristi! That was amazing! My entire body is buzzing! Thank you again,” Patricia, FL

Thank you for considering me as your partner in jumping forward to increased Joy & Wellness. I am here to assist!

In Light & Love,

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Awards and Affiliations

• Natural-born spiritual healer of past/present/future ~ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
• Change Agent (alchemist) in your physical and non-physical (chakras, aura, karma, ancestral burdens, life challenges) aspects of Self
• Certified Reiki Master
• Oneness Blessing Giver, The Golden Age
• Healing Minister of The Universal Light
• Registered Behavioral Therapist
• Artist/creator of Energy-In-Form Healing Art
• Uplifting messenger via KristiBorst.blogspot.com, social media and personal appearances

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