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25 years +


Alexandria VA 22301 - United States



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Author, Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach

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“It’s time to re-define the meaning of wealth and success to include the degree to which you allow Love to be expressed in your work and relationships.” Kathleen Hanagan

About Kathleen Hanagan

We live and work in relationship, and that is where we either thrive and grow, or struggle and suffer.  I help individuals, couples and groups to to use the power of relationships as a path to wisdom and love.   My specialty is helping couples heal from affairs and conflict to create the relationship they both truly desire. and to find the opportunity for growth that is present in every conflict and challenge.  I help couples who face divorce to do so with awareness, compassion and integrity, so that each person can leave the relationship feeling whole. 

I teach you about healing, communicating, and responding as an adult, so that you live with more grace and harmony. As an Imago therapist, I know the profound healing benefits of dialogue, and I teach you experientially, as well as with written handouts that reinforce the learning.  I inform my clients about the workings of the brain, and how to harness the power of mindfulness to transform reactivity into responsibility. I offer Biofield Tuning and Brainspotting as powerful additions  to the healing process, and results are experienced on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Always, compassion is key.

I believe that often what is called a "mental health crisis" is really a"spiritual emergency," a term coined by Christina and Stan Grof referring to the turmoil that arises in a person's life in the form of depression, anxiety, struggles with health, money, relationships---and which are symptoms of letting go of an old way of being to make room for the new.  Psychotherapy is Soul work, and my role is to be a midwife in a sacred birthing process.

Each of us is here with a unique gift to be named, claimed and celebrated. That gift is connected to the place you are wounded. My work helps you discover and release whatever prevents the full expression of your power and joy, which resets an inner compass to your highest destiny.  I believe that as each person and each couple do the courageous work of transformation, it contributes to a better world.

I will show you how to be comfortable with the inner realm, where you integrate your Shadow and claim your own authority. I bring my wisdom, warmth and humor to every session, and I believe in the power of love to heal.

I received my training at Columbia University School of Social Work, and have since received certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, Imago Therapy, Brainspotting, Biofield Tuning, as well as training in sex therapy, with shamans and healers of various traditions. 

My 3 children have been my greatest teachers, as well as my own journey toward wholeness, which continues.