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Metairie LA 70002 - United States



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Aging & Caregiving Resource, Attorney, Change Management Expert, Personal Development Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

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We are not physical beings have a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

About LeNae Goolsby

I am the Cofounder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, a precision-medicine practice with a niche focus on health optimization, longevity and regenerative medicine. We have locations in New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana, and help clients all over the nation take their health power. 

Our 4 Pillars Approach to health opimization addresses encompasses nutrition, physical fitness and exercise, metabolic and hormonal optimization, as well as our propriety mind-body connection approach. Additionallly, we help people use their own body to heal their pain with natural and less invasive procedures such as PRP, stemcells, etc. 

I am also a bestselling author, having coauthored Empower Your Life: Discover Your Strengths, Release Your Fears, Follow Your Heart; Woke: A-ha's, Awakenings & Illuminations on the Path of Conscious Living & Enlightenment; Think and Live Longer: Harnessing the 12 Secret Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health & LifeEmpowered Medicine: Harnessing the infinite laws of the universe for optimzed health; as well as authored, Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity: How to cultivate the calm even in the midst of the crazy chaos

Additionally, I am a wife of 18+ years, mother of three ages 11, 16, and 30, as well as a pack of shelties and one silky terrior.  When not otherwise engaged I seek serenity in the warmth of the sun. 




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