Years in Practice

10 years +


Montreal QC H2L 2S5 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Author, Life Coach, Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You are ready! Ready to HEAL, and allow your SOUL to Express itself.

About Maskarm (Maski) Haile


Hi my name is Maskarm Haile, (Maski) Author of Abyssinian Nomad, Speaker, Energy Healer Life Coach, Story Teller, and a Wandering Soul.

What among other things?

Because we are all more than what we think we are.   I’ve learned how we grow and expand as long as we are here on earth (willingly or not )!


 I’m here to help remind you to see your life with clarity and depth.

Connect you to your Guides

Clear UP some old wounds, trauma, and stuff that gets in your way.

Most of all, I am here to Guide you back to yourself.

Deliver you back to your SOUL  

I’m also here

to gather with you, exchange stories, dance, (Ok that wasn’t me b/c I don’t dance - but my guides told me to add this). Travel the world. Dive in the Oceans.  Swim in the lakes. Listen to music.  Witness gifts shared between us thru ART, Science, fashion, and have fun.

This is the path I am on now.

Whoever you are.  Wherever you are.  Regardless of gender, age, race, religion, language you speak, whether you read my book, or not.

To be Someday a COOL Aunt to KIDS around the world thru my Words. Because I KNOW more than anything how I needed that aunt.

 I am here with you,

Praying, Hoping, Meditating for our WORLD as we are collectively experiencing CHANGES in ways that seems far more than we can handle  right now.   

If your Path and mine is aligned for US to meet (in the form you choose) Books, in person, voice, Zoom

Know it is my privilege to SERVE YOU.

Little bit about Maski

I have spent most of my life on the road to somewhere (internally and externally) and my life journey has helped me to travel to 100+ countries and learn about  the world, and life. 

In this journey lessons where tangible and spiritual.  Lessons learned were by me saying “I'm here to learn from you.  Please teach me” whether by a new friend, place, or  book.  I’ve met people around the world on my journey who have taken me to beautiful, traditional, old, and historical places such as,churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques.  I’ve visited places that are known for food;  experienced different rituals and sacred  places known for their healings.    

AND I wrote a BOOK


One day I woke Up and didn’t know who I was, where I came from, had absolute no desires wants, no dreams, no goals to do or see, read, and most of all NO PURPOSE; the one thing I’ve lived for ALL MY LIFE

And I did the only thing I knew how,

I Prayed, 

I Prayed, and asked for my SOUL’s return HOME and also  

I Prayed, and asked for my SOUL’S HEALING,before it leaves this WORLD.

As you see, I am still here With PURPOSE and GIFTS

Thank you for choosing to be in this world with me so that we may share this journey



Maskarm (Maski) Haile Success Stories

I was burnt out

i was burnt out from years of dealing with the judgemental holier than thou types who even though denying they had an agenda i always felt they were trying to shove one down my throat. at the same time i was in a rut and i knew that  i needed some help to get out of it. so imagine my surprise when i encountered someone who I actually felt was more interested in helping me to see my own situation with greater clarity in a very calm non judgemental way with alot of charm and humour. slowly i realised that as i got progressively more relaxed during our sessions that i had the key to my solutions and what maskarm was doing was very adeptly helping me to see them ~ etoku


Maski’s inter­per­sonal skills are extraordin­ary and her abil­ity to con­nect with oth­ers is unequi­vocal. She truly cares about the well being of oth­ers and puts her whole soul and energy in any given pro­ject. Not only does Maski emit much pos­it­ive energy she is ded­ic­ated, determ­ined and enthu­si­astic.more


A gift to the body and soul

Maskarm is a gift to the body and soul.  Her Reiki and massage sessions are an array of healing and intuitive guidance.  I am very selective when choosing practitioners to work on me; yet, my first session with her provided direction in one area of my life I was questioning, and she knew nothing about me. more


Yvette M Pennacchia, MA, CPC, Integrative Coach and Reiki Master


Personal power workshops

Maski is not only a qualified and certified personal coach but her personality attracts even the most hardened heart and this is testimonial to her ability to penetrate through some of the issues that most can’t even acknowledge their resistance to.more

Maski helps AWiB’s members by holding personal power workshops, yoga, Reiki, and all other energy works. In short four years, she has changed many hearts bringing lasting results to some. Maski is energetic and enthusiastic about that she is involved in. She is a woman who will not dwell on things unless she is passionate about. Doing things for the sake of doing is not her style. She is confident and a person who is comfortable in her own skin. She makes others comfortable as a result of her personality. All her workshops and retreat programs are well received. ~ Nahu S. Girma, Founder and Director, AWiB

Eye opener for my life

"My healing journey session with Maski was an eye opener for my life. I had so many questions to myself which I do not know how to deal with it. After taking the healing journey sessions with Maski, her warmth and insightful thoughts gave me the inspiration to deal with myself. She has helped me find clarity on the most challenging time of my life to take a step up towards to realize my purpose. That made me feel better and enjoy life more. Her travelling the world let her to all sort of experience with different people and situations, she has always inspiring stories to tell. What makes her more amazing is her follow up with me through email and skype.  I am so glad I know her. I can’t thank her enough." ~ Eskedarmore