Energy Psychology

Years in Practice

25 years +


Eugene OR 97405 - United States



Additional Expertise

Massage Therapist, Psychic/Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I trust the intrinsic wisdom that lives in our hearts, bodies and very essence; when we create a safe and mindful space to focus on what wants to happen, healing is the natural result.

About Meg Blanchet

I am a holistic healer with a Masters in Spirituality and Counseling, a Massage Therapy license and certifications in methods that range from very deep work to the most subtle, encompassing physical manipulation, psycho-emotional process, and energetic healing. The longer I have practiced the healing arts, the more I have gravitated toward gentle methods that work directly with inner guidance that can be accessed through energy, consciousness & the body’s tissues (such as Craniosacral Manipulation, Hakomi Somatic Therapy and The Functional Indirect Technique.)  I have taught the healing arts as well as communication and relationship skills and have facilitated dating seminars for seniors.

Meg Blanchet Success Stories

When western medicine doesn't work...


"I recently went to Meg Blanchet for help when I had exhausted all that western medicine could do for me. I had received many tests and was always told there was nothing wrong even though I’d been experiencing pain in the abdomen almost daily for months. Little did I know that there was an emotional component to what was going on which Meg became aware of immediately. She created an environment that was safe and comfortable, and with compassion and caring directed me to feel the shift in the energies with my hands as she tuned into what my body was telling her."more

Meg’s scope of knowledge is vast and her ability to heal surpasses those in the traditional medical profession as well as most alternative healers I’ve been to over the years. She has insight I’ve not experienced before and always takes the whole person into account when working with anyone.

I highly recommend Meg to anyone who desires healing, physical and emotional support, and moving to a new level of optimal well-being.

Heart Centered


"From the very first time I met Meg I was impressed with her ability to be present in her heart and mind both while teaching and giving sessions as well as in her social engagements. Her heart and her hand connected with each person that she touched. Her mind is also very sharp and perceptive. She has created wonderful seminars over the years where she invites people to vision, dance, heal and share intimate stories.more

I would recommend Meg to anyone who wanted to find a place for love, truth, play and healing, to flow within and without. She is a dear friend and colleague. My life has been enriched by having time with Meg. Her presence is precious and she also has the wisdom and skills to accompany anyone who is on a journey of healing and wholeness. A wonderful woman."

Holistic Healing


"Meg Blanchet is a unique practitioner who is a master at integrating therapies that are tailored to the needs of the individual client. With Meg, you learn that she is a partner with you toward your rebalancing, your centering, and your healing as a whole multidimensional being. Meg entered my life at a time when my body needed work, my spirit needed uplifting, and my heart needed healing. I am forever grateful for her continuous passionate search for therapeutic strategies that enhance her practice and illluminate the lives of those of us fortunate enough to experience her skilled hands, her wonderful sense of humor, and her brilliant mind."

Safety and Trust


"Thank you for being a person with whom I feel fully free to be myself. Allowing the spontaneous movement, while allowing your hands to my most tender depths, was awesome. It was surrendering as deeply as I know how to unknown territory with humiliation potential. I trust your energy, intent, and skill. I feel the shift physically/spiritually."